Khalid Al Ameri Spent His Childhood In Abu Dhabi; His Mom Is Scottish | Curly Tales

by Anupriya Mishra
Khalid Al Ameri Spent His Childhood In Abu Dhabi; His Mom Is Scottish | Curly Tales

Haven’t we all been guilty of looking back to our childhood days and reliving those cherished memories? While growing up may have been different for everybody, we can all agree that it was probably one of the most carefree days of our lives. Resonating with this sentiment, the popular Emirati YouTuber, Khalid Al Ameri talks to Curly Tales Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani about his fond childhood memories in Abu Dhabi. All the while showing her popular hotspots in Dubai!

Khalid Al Ameri Shares About His Mixed Cultural Upbringing In Abu Dhabi

In the Sunday Brunch episode with Kamiya Jani, the famous YouTuber admitted that his mum is Scottish. As a result, it was certainly a culturally vibrant upbringing for him, while growing up in Abu Dhabi. In his words, as it was a childhood free of technology, he definitely saw it as a blessing. Although there were limited places where he could hang out, like the beach or his friends’ home, it is one of his most cherished memories. In fact, Khalid also played sports while growing up!

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They Also Talked About How Khalid Met His Wife

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Completing 16 years in 2023, the popular YouTuber admitted that his was the most unarranged arranged marriage. He met his wife, Salama Mohamed, through her brother-in-law. Thereafter, they started talking and haven’t looked back ever since. Khalid confessed that he knew it was forever when he said something in the heat of the moment and Salama started laughing. As a result, he also joined in and just realised that the argument was over in the blink of an eye! While there are challenges, but because they realise that they’re each other’s forever person, it just makes everything easier.

If you too found this snippet of conversation endearing, then don’t forget to watch the entire episode! Khalid talks about how his parents reacted to his choice of profession, how he became a YouTuber, how he took risks in life and how Emiratis are in general.

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