“Explore Dubai In One Dirham” Kamiya Jani & Khalid Al Ameri Go On An Abra Ride | Curly Tales

by Shreya Ghosh
“Explore Dubai In One Dirham” Kamiya Jani & Khalid Al Ameri Go On An Abra Ride | Curly Tales

When you travel to a new corner of the world, you surely need to explore all the must-visit tourist attractions. It is a must to curate an itinerary that includes the perfect travel plans. When in Dubai, we got the popular Emirati YouTuber, Khalid Al Ameri to take us on a travelling spree around the UAE city. Curly Tales Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani joined Khalid to visit all these places in Dubai on this episode of Sunday Brunch. So if you are planning a trip to Dubai soon, get ready to plan the perfect itinerary.

Kamiya Jani & Khalid Al Ameri Went On An Abra Ride

If you feel like exploring Dubai will make you shell out a lot, then you are a bit wrong. There are some tourist destinations that you can travel to in this UAE city for just a Dirham. Yes, you read that right. You can now witness the magnificence of Dubai in just a Dirhum. How is that possible? Let’s take a look at that!

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Khalid Al Ameri took Kamiya Jani for a stunning Abra ride and it cost just 30 cents per person to enjoy that ride. This boat ride takes you a step back in history to witness the picturesque views of the Shiva temple, mosques, and a lot more. This is also the perfect place to see how the city has beautifully kept alive its history and future living side by side so smoothly.

They Also Enjoyed The Best Biryani In Dubai!

Khalid Al Ameri took Kamiya to gorge on Dubai’s best biryani. They went to the famous Pak Liyari Restaurant and enjoyed delish biryanis. While relishing their plates, they also had some great conversations. To know it all, you need to watch this Sunday Brunch episode.

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This entertaining episode of Sunday Brunch takes on a beautiful virtual journey to Dubai and gives a sneak peek at so many stories of our guest, Khalid Al Ameri. Do let us know how you enjoyed this episode. And for more such fun content, do not forget to subscribe to the Curly Tales YouTube channel.

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