Khalid Al Ameri Loves Dubai For This Reason & We Agree | Curly Tales

by Mallika Khurana
Khalid Al Ameri Loves Dubai For This Reason & We Agree | Curly Tales

We all spend half of our days scrolling Instagram, stalking influencers and wishing we were living their lives. One such influencer we really envy is Khalid Al Ameri, Dubai’s very own popular YouTuber. On this episode of Sunday brunch, Khalid Al Ameri toured around the glamorous city of Dubai with our Editor-in-chief Kamiya Jani. While discussing fun things and indulging in scrumptious bites, they shared all the things they love about the city. But Khalid Al Ameri shared the actual reason he loves Dubai and we couldn’t agree more.

Watch the complete video to know all about it.

Khalid Al Ameri Shared His Love For Dubai

Khalid took Kamiya to Dubai creek and trust us on this, we were just as mesmerized by the view as they were. They could see people taking the Abra ride and then decided to take it themselves.

While on the creek, Khalid Al Ameri shared with Kamiya all the things he loves about this city. He talked about the history of the Emirates and how the Hindus have been living there since before the country’s establishment. He also showed her where the oldest Shiva temple is.

Khalid was sharing the history of the city with such passion, it was a treat to watch. He also told her that 25% of the city’s population follows Hinduism.

However, the fact about Dubai that Khalid loves the most is that the city has two phases that exist side by side. On one side of the creek, you can see people hustling and driving to work, worried about life and its challenges. On the other hand, you can see people completely relaxed and enjoying the Abra ride. They are living in the moment, making the most of it.

He emphasizes that this is what he loves the most about Dubai.

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They Went On To Take The Abra Ride

Khalid Al Ameri
Photo Credits: Internal

After discussing the history of the city, Khalid and Kamiya went to take an Abra ride themselves. Khalid also shared that in the old times, this boat used to be a daily mode of transport for the locals. He pointed out the contrast between the modern means of transport and this ancient boat, which people are still using as a means of entertainment and relaxation.

To know more about their interesting conversation, do watch the full video!

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