Dubai Gets Middle East’s First Lego-Themed Hotel With A Dragon-Guarded Entrance And Interactive Experiences

by Shrestha Purkayastha
by Shrestha Purkayastha 232

In just over a week, the Middle East’s first Legoland Hotel will open in Dubai. The new themed 250-room hotel, which will open on January 21, will be located in Dubai Parks and Resorts. The Legoland Hotel, which offers free theme park entry to all guests, is poised to be the ideal spot to stay when visiting the Dubai Parks and Resorts’ brick-themed attractions.

Guests Will Be Greeted By A Dragon Guarding The Entrance To The Hotel

Guests will be greeted by a dragon guarding the entrance to the hotel, which will have interactive experiences and themed rooms. A large temperature-controlled swimming pool with Lego brick floating toys is also available. Standard rooms, which can sleep up to five people. And family suites, which can sleep up to eight people. All aimed towards families traveling with children. The hotel features a disco lift, a castle-themed play area. Additionally, plenty of Lego-brick architecture, and is just steps from Legoland Dubai with its themed rides, shows, and attractions.

Picture Credits: The National

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The Kingdom Rooms & Suites Have A Regal Feel To Them

The rooms and suites are divided into four distinct themes. Book a stay in a Lego Friends room, which features pink and purple decor. What more? Bunk beds for kids to sleep on, and some Lego Friends toy pets to play with. The kingdom rooms and suites have a regal feel to them. With bunting, shields, and a separate royal chamber for the kids to sleep in.

Picture Credits: The National

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Every Stay Includes Breakfast At Bricks Family Restaurant

Pirate rooms have red and white striped bedding with Jolly Roger emblems & plenty of pirate-themed Lego models. While Adventure rooms include a surprise treasure hunt and decor inspired by Snakes and Ladders. Additionally, Egyptian hieroglyphics. Every stay includes breakfast at Bricks Family Restaurant. The buffet-style menu promises kid-friendly alternatives, with food delivered at the appropriate height for them.

Picture Credits: The National

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