Dubai Has The Middle East’s Largest Coffee Museum

by Jui Nikita
Dubai Has The Middle East’s Largest Coffee Museum

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There are only a handful of dedicated coffee museums elsewhere in the world like in Italy, Portugal, Brazil, the Netherlands & Russia.

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What Is It?

Discover how coffee brewing began in ancient times in different parts of the world. Marvel at the olden instruments used to make a delectable cup of coffee among various cultures. In most Arab countries across the Middle East, serving coffee is an important part of their warm hospitality and tradition. Dubai’s heritage district, Al Fahidi, welcomes the country’s first ever dedicated coffee museum to showcase regional and global coffee history. You also get to try coffee brewed in various methods like Syphon – AED 30; Moka Pot – AED 20; Belgian Coffee – AED 35 or the traditional coffee like Ethiopian coffee – AED 10; Vietnamese Coffee – AED 22.  

Coffee Museum Facebook
Coffee Museum Facebook

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What Else?

The museum is authentically Arab which looks like a traditional two-tier house with its artifacts, Majlis & adjoining rooms. Inside are numerous vintage coffee brewing machines from all over the world. The museum is divided into zones starting with Ethiopia, where coffee drinking is believed to have begun. Egyptian and Emirati style coffee making is also showcased in zones nearby. Among the many antique pieces displayed are 300-year-old examples of the distinctive jug-shaped clay coffee pots historically used by the Ethiopians. Also, check out the museum’s custom built brew bar where coffee is prepared using a syphon.

Coffee Museum Facebook
Coffee Museum Facebook

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Fun Fact

It is believed that coffee’s origin was discovered by a goat herder named Kaldi who first noticed the increased level of goats’ energy upon chewing certain berries. Based on the information from Kaldi, the local monastery Abbot did some experiment using these berries, which eventually turned out to be an energizing drink. It made its way to Middle Eastern and Northern African regions during the 15th century, and later traveled to Italy, other European regions and to Americas.


Location: Villa 44, Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, Bastakiya, Bur Dubai, Dubai.
Contact: 04 353 8777
Opening Hours: 9 am to 5 pm

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