Dubai International Airport Allows Little Kids To Stamp Their Own Passports At Immigration

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai International Airport Allows Little Kids To Stamp Their Own Passports At Immigration

UAE Airport Authority is quite stringent regarding maintaining rules and regulations. But they seem to cut some slack in here regarding kids. At Dubai International Airport, two kids were delighted as they entered the immigration check booth. They received permission to stamp their passports. The senior officer took the kids by amazement and led them into the passport-checking area.

Siblings Stamp Their Passports At Dubai International Airport

Curiosity killed the cat! But here, curiosity leads the kids to stamp their passports. And of course, with permission! Isobel, 9, and Charles, 6 were the two lucky kids that arrived in Dubai on Tuesday. They immediately became interested in what the passport check agents were doing at their desks. A senior officer met the kids and took them into the immigration screening cabin while standing next to their parents.

When he spotted the two kids while on an inspection visit, Lt Gen Mohammed Al Merri thought of surprising them with some activity. The officer is director general of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai.
He explained to the kids what passport control agents do and even let them put their entry stamps on their passports.

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Passport Stamp Area Is Under High Surveillance

A passport check is typically a high-security location, but in Dubai, the walls were removed, and a senior officer gave the kids an exceptional experience. Although there are long lineups for the security checks, you will shortly get past them. The overall security at DXB Airport is relatively high. Before entering the transit hall, everything is scanned. If something sets off the Xray alarm, they will send you back unless the Security Official is satisfied.

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