Dubai Issues New Guidelines For Wearing Face Masks

by Angel Merchant
Dubai Issues New Guidelines For Wearing Face Masks

Dubai has put in place a new set of new guidelines for wearing face masks in public. Although the rule is for our safety and many have become accustomed to the practice, it is undeniably rather uncomfortable. While a large number of people still have to wear masks and will be issued a fine otherwise, it looks like certain exemptions are being made. Check out the lists below to see when and if you can roam around without a mask.

Individuals Who No NOT Have To Wear Masks In Public

  • Children under the age of six
  • People of determination
  • Anyone with cognitive impairment
  • Individuals who have an intellectual impairment
  • Those who have official respiratory problems
  • All those who have sensory impairments

Masks can also be removed or lowered temporarily for all, under the following conditions:

  • Whilst driving a car, alone or with the same household members
  • Eating and drinking outdoors or indoors, e.g. restaurants, eateries in hotels, etc.
  • Taking part in strenuous exercise both indoors and out that could lead to respiratory issues e.g. gyms, parks, etc.
  • If an individual is completely alone, or secluded, in an office for example
  • If the risks of wearing the face mask outweigh the benefits of it, for example when swimming or skydiving
  • When undergoing certain physical treatments such as visiting the dentist, doctor, or going to the salon, etc.

The Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management has stated the aforementioned points, and fines will not be exercised for the above reasons. If there are certain issues such as respiratory, etc, individuals must have official documentation to prove so. Otherwise, fines may be issued. Also, strict social distancing measures must be in place at all times, and under no circumstance are people from different households allowed to mingle. These measures will be strictly be ensured by the government, and consequential actions will be taken swiftly if the rules are not adhered to.

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What Else?

In other news, Abu Dhabi has initiated an online payment service for all its taxis. One a passenger’s trip is over, they can pay online via a specific Abu Dhabi taxi application. This ensures a stronger social distance measure and is helping curb the spread of the Covid 19. Customers must create an account with bank details beforehand. Once again this ensures limited social interaction, helping passengers stay safe. Around 6,180 taxis have already begun this service available for all in the capital city.