Dubai Launches Its Very Own Dubai Food Rating System & Here’s Everything To Know!

by Shrestha Purkayastha
Dubai Launches Its Very Own Dubai Food Rating System & Here’s Everything To Know!

Move over the Michelin star, there’s a new food rating system in town as Dubai is launching its very own Dubai Star. Absolutely, you read that correctly! A star-rating system launched in Dubai on November 18 will annually honour restaurants around the world that apply sustainable practices to produce safe, healthy and high-quality food. It is the first global rating of its kind in the world.

Dubai Star System Is A Global Ranking For Food Safety Standards

But where the Michelin star rating system concentrates on the food, the Dubai Star system is a global ranking for food safety standards. So, essentially it will focus on how clean and safe the food you’re served is. The Dubai Star ranking will include a complete assessment by a professional & multidisciplinary team. As well as rating the restaurant on their food safety, the Dubai Star rating will be given to those who adopt sustainable approaches.

Picture Credits: Khaleej Times

4 Key Factors Will Be Used To Evaluate The Restaurants

Restaurants will be evaluated through four key themes. Food safety & quality, food quality standards, sustainability & social responsibility. The scheme encourages restaurants to implement the highest standards necessary for a better future. This efficient scheme was launched on the sidelines of the 15th Dubai International Food Safety Conference (DIFSC). Dawoud Al Hajri, director-general of the Dubai Municipality touched on the critical need to ensure a balance between food safety and the flexibility of the system. For food production and consumption in the Emirate.

This Plan Shall Arouse A Sense Of Competition Among Restaurants

According to Khalid Mohammed Sharief Al Awadhi, CEO of Health, Safety and Environment Sector at Dubai Municipality, Dubai Star is not a mandatory rating system. But restaurants are anyway welcome to get the rating to show their international level of acceptance. They shall be initiating & executing this scheme with UAE first. Furthermore, they shall expand it to international restaurants from next year. The Dubai Star stamp of approval is expected to promote competition among restaurants to increase their food safety standards.