Dubai Leaves Milan, Sydney & Los Angeles Behind In TomTom Traffic Flow Index

by Anupriya Mishra
Dubai Leaves Milan, Sydney & Los Angeles Behind In TomTom Traffic Flow Index

Dubai Road & Transport Authority is constantly working round-the-clock to make sure travelling in the city is seamless. With a number of road development projects, aiming to reduce travel time and make it easier for drivers to travel, it’s hardly surprising that Dubai has performed well on the 2022 Traffic Index by TomTom. As it happens, the emirate has left behind popular cities like Berlin and Sydney in the report that revealed the traffic flow index.

TomTom Traffic Flow Index Revealed

Dubai Roads
Pic credits: Canva

According to a recent report by Dubai Media Office, it was revealed that Dubai has scored exceptional rankings in the Traffic Flow Index for the 2022 Traffic Index Report by TomTom. In case you didn’t know, TomTom is a multinational company that specialises in monitoring congestion and traffic, worldwide. For compiling this result, it analysed 390 cities across 56 countries on six continents! As a result, it ended up covering 543 billion km of road networks! As per the report, Dubai ended up outperforming major cities, such as Los Angeles, Montréal, Rome, Milan, Berlin, and even Sydney. The emirate outperformed the cities in terms of the average time required to travel a distance of 10 km in the Central Business District.

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Dubai Leaves Cities Like Milan, Sydney & Berlin

Dubai Cars
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According to the report, the journey time in Dubai was recorded as 12 minutes per 10 km as compared to the average of 21 minutes per 10 km in the reference cities. Did you know the best-performing city on the index was Almere in the Netherlands? Yes, it had an average of eight minutes, per 10 km! However, the lowest-performing city was London with 36 minutes, per 10 km!

As it happens, Dubai also ranked well among cities by recording a time of nine minutes per 10 km in urban areas and had an average speed of 59 km per hour. In this list, the top-performing city was Greensboro in the US. Yes, it took the spot with an average time of seven minutes and 40 seconds per 10 km with an average speed of 74 km/h. It’s worth mentioning that the lowest-performing city on this list was Colombia’s Bogota with 24 minutes for 10 km with an average speed of 19 km/h.

So, go ahead and share this brilliant development with your fellow Emiratis. After all, it is indeed a moment of immense pride!

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