Dubai Mall Gets A New Guinness World Record

by Dhruv Maniar
Dubai Mall Gets A New Guinness World Record

Under 140 Characters 

This festive season The Dubai Mall has earned a new world record for the world’s largest Christmas bauble. 

What Is It?

Dubai Mall just broke the 5th Guinness Book of World Record for “Largest Festive Ornament” in the world. The Christmas bauble weighs a whopping 1,100 kilograms which measures almost 6.597m in height with a diameter stretching 4.689m wide. The bauble was assembled by 15 people and took almost 2 days to be creative. It was flown down to Dubai in 12 crates and three containers. The Guinness World Record bauble ornament is placed in the Star Atrium, where it is arranged in a composition of a total of five giant ornaments.


Location: Dubai Mall