Dubai Metro Operations Affected Due To Rain And Floods! Here’s All You Need To Know About Red & Green Line Services

Navigating Dubai Metro amidst rainy day woes.

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai Metro Operations Affected Due To Rain And Floods! Here’s All You Need To Know About Red & Green Line Services

Dubai Metro, a vital mode of transportation for many UAE residents, faced significant disruptions during Tuesday’s unprecedented rainfall. Around 200 commuters found themselves stranded at various stations as operations nearly ground to a halt.

Planning A Metro Journey In Turbulent Times Of UAE Rains

For those relying on Dubai Metro for their daily commute, careful planning is essential amidst ongoing service disruptions. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, April 17, affecting stations along the Red and Green lines. Passengers should anticipate potential delays and adjust their travel plans accordingly.

Red Line Operations: What You Need to Know

Navigating the Red Line Maze

Despite the challenges, some Red Line stations remain operational, providing a lifeline for commuters. From Centrepoint to GGICO and BurJuman to World Trade Centre, select stations are open for service. For those travelling to affected stations, complimentary shuttle buses are available to ensure smooth transitions.

Green Line Operations: Making Moves Despite Challenges

Green Line Survives the Storm

Similarly, select Green Line stations continue to operate amidst the inclement weather. Passengers can access routes from Etisalat station to Abu Hail and Creek station to Al Ras, facilitating essential travel needs. As with the Red Line, shuttle services are on standby to assist commuters navigating affected stations.

Stranded but Not Alone: Jebel Ali Metro Station’s Tale

Jebel Ali Metro Station emerged as a focal point of the Metro’s challenges, with approximately 200 stranded commuters enduring hours without access to amenities. Despite the inconvenience, the incident highlighted the resilience and camaraderie among passengers as they awaited assistance.

Commuters Voice Concerns

In the aftermath of Tuesday’s service disruptions, commuters turned to the authorities for explanations and reassurance. With heavy rains causing chaos across the city, passengers sought clarity on the measures being taken to mitigate future disruptions and ensure the reliability of Dubai Metro services.

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To Sum It Up!

Red Line:

Operates from Centrepoint to GGICO.
Services available from BurJuman to the World Trade Centre.
Shuttle services are provided for commuters to reach affected stations.

Green Line:

Routes extend from Etisalat station to Abu Hail.
Services are offered from Creek Station to Al Ras.
Shuttle services are available for passengers travelling through affected stations.

Cover Image Courtesy: Dubai RTA/ X

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