Dubai Receives Its First-Ever Consignment Of Indian Fruits, Hog Plum & Indian Cranberry

Indian Cranberry and Hog Plums
by Deeplata Garde

Varanasi, India, celebrated a momentous achievement as the inaugural shipment of Indian cranberry and hog plum embarked on a journey to Dubai. This milestone marks a significant stride in agri exports and the expanding potential of the eastern Uttar Pradesh region in the realm of global trade. The consignment was facilitated by the Farmers Producers Organisation (FPO) – North Agro Farmer Producer Company Limited.

Dubai Receives First-Ever Consignment Of Indian Cranberry & Hog Plums

Indian Cranberry & Hog Plum

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A weighty 1,800 kilograms of these delectable vegetables embarked on their voyage through air cargo to Dubai. The first-ever consignment of these exotic Indian fruits departed from the Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport in Varanasi. This historic shipment marked the debut of cranberry and hog plum in Dubai’s markets.

Varanasi, renowned for its cultural heritage, has been carving a distinct niche in agricultural exports. A plethora of produce, including green chillies, okra, parwal, green peas, mango, litchi, banana, kundru, guava, aruvi, drumstick, gourd, jackfruit, arvi, brinjal, amla, and melon, finds its way from Varanasi to destinations such as the Gulf countries and beyond. As the world’s largest exporter of fresh vegetables, India’s agricultural prowess resonates on the international stage. Its abundant produce finds a welcoming market in the Middle Eastern market. Not just vegetables, exports of pulses from India to Dubai have also been observed recently.

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UAE Exports Fresh Vegetable & Fruits From India

Indian Cranberry & Hog Plum

Pic Creds: Wikipedia

The collaboration between the Uttar Pradesh government and local agricultural stakeholders has been instrumental in aligning production with international demand for vegetables and fruits. This proactive approach has led to a surge in the demand for perishable goods from Purvanchal (eastern UP) within the international market. Due to this, the exports have soared by an impressive 248% during the first quarter of the financial year 2023-24.

A future brimming with potential beckons, with the impending establishment of an Integrated Pack House tailored for fruit and vegetable exports. This development will further amplify the region’s export capacity. Dubai and some Gulf countries rely heavily on the exports of Indian fruits and vegetables. India stands as a prominent global player in the export of fresh vegetables, with the United Arab Emirates emerging as a primary destination for these agricultural treasures.

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