From Meghalaya’s Pineapples To Telangana’s Avocados, Indian Fruits Reach Abu Dhabi & Kuwait

by Deeplata Garde
From Meghalaya’s Pineapples To Telangana’s Avocados, Indian Fruits Reach Abu Dhabi & Kuwait

India stands as a testament to its diverse agro-climatic conditions and abundant biodiversity. It cultivates an array of fruits and vegetables. Beyond catering to the domestic market, certain agricultural products have carved a successful path onto the international stage. Recent instances of this global success include the exportation of pineapples from Meghalaya to Abu Dhabi and avocados from Telangana to Kuwait.

Pineapple Exports From Meghalaya, India To Abu Dhabi

Hailing from Meghalaya, the pineapples have garnered acclaim for their delightful sweetness and minimal pesticide residue. These pineapples flourish under the stewardship of local communities, which uphold traditional cultivation practices. Pineapples hold a special place as the designated One District One Product (ODOP) in the Ri Bhoi and East Garo Hills districts. Notably, the communities have orchestrated the inaugural export of 600 quintals of pineapples to Abu Dhabi. A prestigious hypermarket brand from the Middle Eastern retail chain facilitated the marketing and sale of these pineapples. Displayed at the Al-Wahda Mall in Abu Dhabi, these pineapples formed part of the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, a commemoration of India’s 77th year of Independence.

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For The First Time Ever, A Man From Telangana Has Cultivated Avocados In India

Pineapple Abu Dhabi
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A similar tale unfolds in Telangana, where avocados have defied climatic constraints to flourish. Native to Mexico and Central America, avocados typically thrive in temperatures below 38 degrees Celsius. Against the odds, a visionary tribal farmer named Jaipal Naik, residing in the village of Debbadaguda, has successfully nurtured these tropical gems across a one-acre expanse. He utilized an Australian avocado variety imported from Cherpally village.

This specific variant thrives in higher temperatures, distinguishing itself from its Central American and Mexican counterparts. Jaipal’s inaugural harvest, yielding 600 quintals. Furthermore, an export enterprise expressed interest in dispatching Jaipal’s avocados to Kuwait. This has thereby etched Telangana onto the map of Indian states nurturing avocados.

These narratives underscore the ingenuity and experimentation embraced by Indian farmers. It significantly contributes to the nation’s agricultural exports and the overall economy. These stories illuminate how India’s exceptional and varied produce can secure a distinctive niche in the global market.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva Stock Images