Live Underwater in Dubai’s ‘Floating Seahorse’ Homes For USD 1.8 Million

by Natasha Monteiro
Live Underwater in Dubai’s ‘Floating Seahorse’ Homes For USD 1.8 Million

Ah Dubai! From the world’s tallest building to Sheikhs with tigers as pets, what next? Never one to be shy of that answer, there’s now the Floating Seahorse – a USD 1.8 million (approx INR 11.5 crores) home that lets you live underwater – in luxury of course.

The Floating Seahorse

Now I know what you’re thinking. When can I buy this? Sorry guys, bad news first. It’s all sold out. You’ll just have to do something else with that 11.5 crores (give it to me, maybe?). Here’s what you’re missing out on though.

The view from the bedroom

The Floating Seahorse is an underwater bungalow because floating bungalows are so passe and because it’s Dubai. This ‘bungalow’ features an underwater master bedroom. It is made of glass, giving you a 360 degree view of the coral bed all around. A coral bed in Dubai, you ask? It’s going to be created from scratch where the waters will be a safe haven for sea turtles and sea-horses and will be the ideal breeding ground for aquatic life.

The floating sea-homes have three levels. The underwater level will be the master bedroom, the 1st level on the water will be the kitchen and dining area and the top level will be the sun deck. Don’t worry, you get unobstructed views everywhere thanks to the ceiling to floor glass windows. I hope these guys also provide glass-cleaners.

So now comes the real question. Would you like to live in the Floating Seahorse in Dubai? More importantly, will you take me along?

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