Dubai’s Scoopi Cafe Is Now Available For Home Delivery

by Angel Merchant
Dubai’s Scoopi Cafe Is Now Available For Home Delivery

Let’s face it, this crisis has really gotten depressing. We could all do with some sweet calories to light up our moods. Scoopi cafe, Dubai’s favorite ice cream parlour announced that it will now deliver your favorite ice creams at your door. This is just what we needed at this hour of depression, right?

Scoopi cafe is located in Jumeirah and has a plethora of flavours to choose from. Check out the list below, of all of their unique and delectable flavours.

  • Salted caramel
  • Italian black truffle
  • Oreo mint
  • Rose and cinnamon
  • Peanut butter and beyond
  • Madagascar vanilla
  • Italian Nutella
  • Mango yoghurt
  • Like rose and chilli
  • Saffron pistachio
  • Banana and strawberry
  • Fresh date
  • Rose and cinnamon
  • Lotus biscuit

The prices start at AED 27, and as you go down the list, the prices increase. Self isolation doesn’t necessarily have to mean keeping active and staying fit. It is fine to sit down once in a while, and indulge. To order your ice cream, dial 052 804 7935 or 052 668 1273.

Scoopi cafe has more than just ice creams. Sweet soothers can dig into red velvet Oreos, ice cream burgers, fried marshmallows, and dark chocolate with wasabi cream and more!

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What Else?

In other news, Dubai taxi’s are offering a 20 percent discount on all ride fares to the hospital. All residents and healthcare workers in Dubai who need to reach the hospital, will now avail a 20 percent discount on the taxi fee. The Roads and Transport Authority have announced that this initiative comes as a support to all the healthcare heroes working round the clock, to serve the public. The service has also been offered to try and help out those who need imminent medical assistance. This is being offered by Dubai taxis.

Hala taxis will also be offering a similar 20 percent discount to all rides going to the hospitals. The taxi needs to be booked over the Careem application. From the app, the public can select from around 43 different hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Customers can avail this offer, by heading over to the Hala website. Once there, check out the blog section where you can find the appropriate promo code. When booking your taxi, place the promo code in, and get an immediate discount on the cost of the ride.

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