Online Food Delivery Apps In The UAE To Make Your Life Easier Right Now

by Angel Merchant
Online Food Delivery Apps In The UAE To Make Your Life Easier Right Now

Missing the weekly dine out day? Or a nice delectable meal, out in a fancy restaurant? With the current lock down situation, I doubt any of us will be able to have that experience, any time soon. But, we can enjoy at least enjoy delectable meals from the comfort and safety of our homes. The UAE has some pretty good delivery apps that can bring your favorite food, from any restaurant in the country to your doorstep. Here are some of the best ones you must make a note of:

1. Uber Eats

Browse, order, track, enjoy. That’s the heavenly 4 step totally online process when you order from Uber Eats. First browse from a wide plethora of restaurants and eateries. If you’re not sure what to eat, you can scroll through the feed of divine pictures of food. Pick a place of your choice, and then go ahead and place your order. So browse and order, both check. Next to each restaurant, a specific range of time is mentioned, 15-20 minutes, 30-40 minutes etc. It states the time it would take to order that particular food. So if you’re ordering a steak, obviously it would take a lot more time, than if you were simply ordering a salad.

You can then track your order on a map, where you have access to the name, number, and picture of your delivery man. Then finally once it reaches you, enjoy! The delivery fee ranges from AED 4-10, depending on the distance from the restaurant to your home.

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2. Zomato

This is one of the most popular food apps in the country. Zomato is known for rating food and restaurants all over the UAE. If you’re unsure about how good a restaurant is, you can always check the rating out on zomato. If you’re a first time user, you can avail a 20 percent off on your order.  You can also join and be a part of Zomato Gold, which is a an exclusive member’s club. If you’re a gold member, you get offers at a wide range of restaurants, one on one free, etc. To be a gold member you have to pay a minimal fee for the entire year, and then you can enjoy!

3. Talabat

Find a restaurant, order your meal, and enjoy your food! That’s the slogan at Talabat.  This online food delivery app is limited to only the gulf region, and is the largest online food ordering platform in the middle east! As soon as you enter the application or website, you’ll find a myriad of deals pop up in your face. You can pick any one of them, or else search for a restaurant of your choice. You also have the option to tip the driver before hand, when you’re paying for your meal and delivery fee.

4. Deliveroo

Another great food delivery app, once again it’s all completely online. You can order from any restaurant in the UAE, and Deliveroo promises safe and fast delivery. Restaurants like Sushi Art, Pinkberry, even PF changs are all foods you can indulge in, with Deliveroo.

5. Eat Clean

For all the health conscious people out there, or those who have specific dietary restrictions, this is the perfect food delivery app. This site offers meal plans daily, weekly, and monthly. You can choose from a range of low calorie meals, vegan diets, fitness build up meals, and more. And of course, whatever meal plan you choose, gets delivered right to your doorstep!

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6. Eateasy

On this application, all you have to do is type in your location and a bunch of restaurants will pop up. Each restaurant will have a different time frame for how long the delivery will take, the delivery fee (some are even free), and if the eatery requires a minimal order. It also has a number out of 5 next to each restaurant name, which is an online rating of how good the food is.

7. Careem Now

Similar to the concept of Uber eats, Careem now is one of the most economical food delivery apps in the country. With Careem now, you can track your food order from when it’s being cooked in the kitchen, to when its in the car being delivered to your home. They also offer many good deals, offers, and discounts on different restaurants.

8. Any Restaurant You Want

Now, most restaurants have their own delivery service. Whether it be any of the fast food joints, or even Indian restaurants like gazebo or Delhi Darbar, many of them deliver their own food. So sometimes, you don’t need to use any specific applications. Just google the food you want, choose the restaurant you like, and order away! Don’t let the home confinement inhibit you from having a yummy delectable meal.