8 Easy Mocktail Recipes To Make At Home For A Sober Diwali Party In The UAE

by Anupriya Mishra
8 Easy Mocktail Recipes To Make At Home For A Sober Diwali Party In The UAE

Diwali parties are one of the biggest highlights of the festive season. Besides playing board or card games, and talking with our loved ones, it’s an excuse to eat and drink to one’s heart’s content. So, if you’re living in the UAE and want to impress your guests, then you will certainly want to take note of these easy-to-make mocktails. If you have the right tools, ingredients and proportions, making these drinks is pretty easy. On that note, let’s check them out!

Easy Mocktails For Diwali Parties

1. Pina Colada Mocktail

This is a highly famous alcoholic drink, especially at beaches. But did you know the non-alcoholic counterpart is also quite famous? Yes, the lip-smacking mocktail uses some pretty basic ingredients. You might want to shop for pineapple juice, brown sugar, and coconut milk before you decide to give it a try. The method as given by Cookd is pretty straightforward, so making it for parties will be no big deal, once you get your proportions right.

2. Green Sea Mocktail

If you want something bright and cheery, then you will want to try the Green Sea mocktail by The Mocktail House. However, this drink does use some exclusive items, so, you might want to hit the grocery store before you do decide to make it for your guests. Some of these items include Green Apple Syrup, Blue Curacao Syrup and of course, the right tools.

3. Easy Sunrise Mocktail

This is a pretty-hued drink that is definitely going to earn you praise if you nail it. And for this, we’ve brought a recipe by Booze Hive. This concoction uses orange and pineapple juice as the base ingredient. However, you will want to keep some Grenadine in your pantry, as the recipe does call for a dash of this popular bar syrup, that adds colours to drinks.

4. Watermelon Mojito

The method of preparation as shown by Eiliyah Kitchen, is quite simple. Using a handful of ingredients like fresh watermelon, this chilled drink is going to be an instant winner amongst your guests. Moreover, it will pair perfectly with barbecue dishes, like tikkas and kebabs. The fizz of the drink and chill of the ice together will form the perfect symphony to make Watermelon Mojito.

5. Sunset Mocktail

It was only fair that we mention this one, as we did recommend Sunrise Mocktail above. The recipe unlike the previous one uses watermelon, orange and lemon juice. After adding a bunch of other pretty fantastic ingredients to the mix, the end result as shown by PepperCrush, does seem pretty fantastic. Not to mention, it’s quite Instagrammable as well!

6. Virgin Bloody Mary

The tomato-y drink is zesty and oh-so-lip-smacking. The recipe by J The Secret Chef is quite easy to follow and instructions are quite crisp as well. Not to mention, apart from the tomato juice, the drink basically uses ingredients that are most available in nearly every household. This means, you can make it for your guests, who don’t like over-the-top sweet concoctions.

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7. Sangria Mocktail

If you’re fond of fruity drinks, then you will certainly want to try this recipe for the house party you plan to host. Using easy-to-find ingredients, the splash of fresh fruits just adds to its charm. However, the recipe does use sparkling apple cider, which means you will want to buy this in advance, along with all the fruits mentioned by Total Wine & More, to make the drink.

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8. Virgin Margarita

This recipe by Laura In The Kitchen is quite easy to follow, but it does use a bunch of ingredients, that you might not already have in your pantry. As the recipe does call for fresh fruits, it’s important that you have them in your house, before you do start off! You of course will also need the correct glassware, to truly make the lip-smacking drink presentable.

So, we’ve done the homework for you and now all you need to do is make these drinks at home to impress the guests that will be arriving for your Diwali party!

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