Electric Highways & Toll Plazas Powered By Solar Energy Are The Future Of India 

by Sanmita A
Electric Highways & Toll Plazas Powered By Solar Energy Are The Future Of India 

India’s travel and transport are nearing a huge change, as the government plans to develop electric highways and toll plazas. The vehicles running on these electric highways will absorb solar energy. This will also help heavy vehicles – as buses and trucks run efficiently on the electric roads with the help of the power supplied to them. The vehicles are charged via the power lines set up to charge them. Read on to know more about these new changes with regard to highways and roads in India.

Nitin Gadkari Aims To Develop Public Transport System On Electricity

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, while addressing an event, spoke on how he wants the public transport system to run on electricity. Gadkari informed that the highways in India would have solar and wind energy mechanisms for generating electricity. Not only highways and roads, but Gadkari aims to run the toll plazas through solar power. To better this, the government is also constructing 26 greenfield expressways, as per media reports.

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Government Announces Green Highways In India

As highways in India expand and more construction takes place, the government will also initiate the planting of more trees. It aims to plant around three crore trees and move to tree planting practices. Simultaneously, the government is also forming a tree policy. This tree policy will be called tree bank. It will exclusively deal with tree planting and tree cutting. This policy will require all the authorities like National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) and National Highways and Infrastructure Development (NHIDCL) maintain and keep an account of the tree cutting and tree planting which takes place while any road and transport development project is underway.

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