Emirates, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines & Saudia Are Top Passenger-Friendly Airlines Globally!

by Anupriya Mishra
Emirates, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines & Saudia Are Top Passenger-Friendly Airlines Globally!

Planning a holiday is one of the most tedious yet rewarding things. After all, you don’t just get time to spend with your loved ones by making new memories but also enjoy the novelty of experiencing a new destination. However, reaching the destination by flying with an airline can be quite daunting as sometimes their services are not too great. However, it seems that Middle Eastern airlines are making people proud with their top-notch services. And this is evident as the airlines from the region are taking top spots in global rankings that have been created using passenger experience responses.

Middle Eastern Airlines Rank High Globally

Turkish airlines livery
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Middle Eastern airlines have set a new global benchmark as top airlines like Emirates, Saudia, Qatar Airways, and Turkish Airlines have taken top spots in the global ranking. In a recent study carried out by, the Airline Passenger Experience Association, an aviation network and Yates & Partners, a consultancy firm, they asked more than 1 million passengers about their travel experiences with approx 600 airlines. Yes, in a report by Consultancy-me, it was revealed that respondents were asked about several aspects of air travel, which included everything from seats and legroom, two on-board entertainment systems and even the staff behaviour. So, when the survey results were declared, a top 10 list for the most passenger-friendly airlines globally was created wherein the aforementioned four Middle Eastern airlines ended up taking the top spots.

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Not The First Time Middle Eastern Airline Have Performed Well

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However, it should be noted that this isn’t the first time, Middle Eastern airlines have performed well in a ranking system. Recently, Cirium report for July 2023, revealed Middle Eastern airlines taking top spots on the list of the world’s most on-time airlines. Yes, Saudia took the third spot, Qatar Airways took the fifth spot, and Emirates concluded the list with the 10th rank. As it happens, Middle Eastern airlines have also performed well in terms of airline staff behaviour, lounge benefits, and loads of other services.

So, when do you plan to fly with any of these airlines for a holiday, next?

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