Emirates Starts Flights To Tel Aviv, Reintroduces Services To 5 Cities & Adds 251 Weekly Flights! Details Inside

by Anupriya Mishra
Emirates Starts Flights To Tel Aviv, Reintroduces Services To 5 Cities & Adds 251 Weekly Flights! Details Inside

Sometimes it so happens that when you wish to book a flight for a particular destination, you have to wait to do it for days surrounding the designated date of travel. And the prime reason for this is either due to no flight on a particular day or there’s just no space on the aircraft. But if you plan to fly with Emirates, this might change in the near future for the better as the airline has introduced a new destination, reintroduced flights, and even added 251 weekly flights on existing routes. Here’s more about the development of the airline!

Emirates Scales Operations


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Emirates has already scaled its operations for the financial year, and now it also plans to ramp up seat capacity from March 26, 2023. It’s worth mentioning that in the previous months, the airline has reintroduced services to five cities, launched flights to Tel Aviv (a new destination), added 251 weekly flights on the existing routes, and continued to roll out service enhancements, both in the air and on the ground. As it happens, in the next few months there will be more flights on the established routes of Europe, Australia, and Africa. Additionally, several routes may restart in East Asia.

These Are Updates To The Routes That You Can Expect


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Emirates may also start with the deployment of A380 operations, by reintroducing the iconic double-decker. This will be done on these networks.

  • Glasgow – Starting from March 26
  • Casablanca – Starting from April 15
  • Beijing – Starting from May 1
  • Shanghai – Starting from June 4
  • Nice – Starting from June 1
  • Birmingham – Starting from July 1
  • Kuala Lumpur – Starting from August 1
  • Taipei – Starting from August 1

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These Upcoming Routes Will Be Enhanced In The Upcoming Months.


  • Amsterdam – 14 to 19 weekly flights, starting from April 2
  • Athens – A daily seasonal service to serve summer demand between June 1 and September 30 will be added
  • Bologna – 5 flights in a week to a daily service from May 1, onwards.
  • Budapest – 5 flights a week to a daily service from June 1, onwards.
  • London – Second daily service to London Stansted to begin on May 1. This will raise the airline’s operations to 11 daily flights! This will include 6 times to London Heathrow and 3 times to Gatwick, daily.
  • Venice – 5 to 6 flights a week starting from March 26. This will increase to a daily service from June 1.


  • Cairo – 25 to 28 weekly flights by October 29.
  • Dar es Salaam – 5 flights a week to daily flights starting from May 1.
  • Entebbe – 6 flights per week to daily flights from July 1.

Australia and New Zealand

It’s worth mentioning that the airline’s non-stop flights to Australia will return to their pre-pandemic levels. This includes –

  • Sydney from May 1
  • Melbourne from March 26
  • Brisbane on June 1. Additionally, a daily service from June 1 onwards will take the airline’s flight operations to 14 flights per week to the city.
  • Christchurch – Daily service from Dubai via Sydney from March 26 will resume.
  • Melbourne – An addition of a third daily service from March 26 via Singapore. This will add capacity and re-establish connectivity between the two regions. Not to mention, there are two other daily flights that fly non-stop to Dubai from Melbourne.
  • Sydney – An addition of a third daily non-stop service starting from May 1.

East Asia

  • Bangkok – An addition of a fifth daily service from August 1, onwards.
  • Beijing – Commencement of daily non-stop Boeing 777-300ER service from March 15 and upgrade to an A380 from May 1. A second daily service will begin on September 1 with an A380.
  • Hong Kong – A daily non-stop flight from March 29 will be added. This will increase the airline’s operations to 14 weekly flights! This will include the already existing daily Dubai-Bangkok-Hong Kong service.
  • Kuala Lumpur – A third daily service from June 1 will be added.
  • Tokyo – Services to Tokyo Haneda with daily flights on April 2 will resume. This will take its Japan operations to 21 daily flights, counting a daily A380 service to Tokyo-Narita and Boeing 777 service to Osaka.

So, go ahead and plan your travel accordingly!

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