Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways Is Celebrating Its 20th Anniversary And Giving 20% Off On Tickets!

by Deeplata Garde
Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways Is Celebrating Its 20th Anniversary And Giving 20% Off On Tickets!

Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways recently broke the internet by announcing their check-in system reset. Their online check-in was closed for a few days as they updated the system. Finally, after the check-in is fixed, another good news has come our way! Etihad is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year and travellers are in for a treat! The airline is handing out a 20% discount on airline tickets.

Etihad Airways Is Offering A 20% Discount For Its 20th Anniversary

Beginning on March 8, 2023, all Etihad Airlines flights between Abu Dhabi and its network of airports worldwide will be operated using the Amadeus Altéa suite of travel technology, which promises a faster check-in and boarding experience. The airline has announced a flash sale on etihad.com with 20% off flights using the promo code EYFLASH20, just through Tuesday, March 14 at midnight, to commemorate today, which also marks the Abu Dhabi-based carrier’s 20th anniversary.

All online services offered by Etihad are accessible to consumers via etihad.com, the mobile app, and their travel agent. The list of services includes booking flight tickets, check-in, class upgrades, and guest seat redemption bookings.

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Terms And Conditions Of The Discount

Pic Creds: Etihad Airways

1. Discount-eligible flights are conspicuously highlighted during the booking process. Please check that you are only purchasing flights that qualify for the discount.
2. This discount does not apply to Economy Sale fares; nonetheless, they may show if they are the lowest rates available for the date/route chosen.
3. Applicable for reservations booked between 1200 hours (GST) and 2359 GST on March 14, 2023, for travel beginning June 16, 2023.
4. Applicable for roundtrip and one-way flights that are booked on etihad.com with the code.
5. The deal includes discounted rates in Economy and Business class of up to 20% which is exclusive of taxes.
6. There is a ticket discount of up to 10% in Economy and Business for flights leaving from Australia.
7. Offer not valid for travel starting in Malaysia.
8. Deal excludes Economy Sale tickets.
9. All modifications must be sent to Etihad Airways through etihad.com or its call centres.
10. If you need to update your ticket, the best fare for the route and date you chose will be used to reassess your fare.

The clock is ticking! And the offer will be gone soon, so take a leap and book your tickets using Etihad Airways’ 20th Anniversary discount.

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