Etihad Airways Will Now Introduce More Daily Flights To Manila

by Deeplata Garde
Etihad Airways Will Now Introduce More Daily Flights To Manila

The season of maximum bookings is around. People prefer the most to travel during summers owning to kids getting vacations and many other reasons. Starting on October 30, Etihad Airways will add a second daily service to Manila. A Boeing 787 Dreamliner will fly both of the daily frequencies. Etihad will provide 450,000 seats yearly between Abu Dhabi and Manila on the combined double-daily flights. This sums to a volume boost of 75% year over year.

Etihad Is Observing Increase In Booking This Summer

Hence booking tickets and ensuring all travel plans before taking off is essential. Following a spike in demand for international travel, Etihad Airways and Abu Dhabi International Airport have prepared resources. Etihad excepts to welcome around 2.7 million passengers onboard this summer.

With more than 1100 weekly network-wide flights, Abu Dhabi International Airport will see a passage of over 1.4 million passengers. This includes 330,000 local joiners.

Bookings at Etihad have significantly increased in recent weeks. With the approaching summer holidays and to handle the increase in traveller volume, Etihad has strengthened services domestically and throughout our worldwide network. This is to guarantee that customers have a flawless airport and flying experience.

The Verified to Fly service should be specifically used to upload any Covid-related travel documentation for prior approval. Travellers should check in online and ensure early arrival at the airport.

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Emirates Urges To Book Your Flights Now!

The busiest period of travel makes it difficult to find suitable flights to reach your planned destination. While daily ticket volumes are increasing as the summer vacation season approaches, the airline has stated that it would continue to increase the number of flights where feasible. The summer schedule for this airline seems well occupied as it will be running at over 80% of its pre-pandemic strength.
Premiere Of The Premium Economy will happen this summer. Customers flying from Dubai to London, Paris, or Sydney will be able to enjoy the airline’s full Premium Economy service. This includes individual regions at DXB. Premium economy will have luxurious seats with up to 40-inch pitch, elevated onboard gastronomy, and a high price selection of drinks.

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