Enjoy A Traditional Ramzan Buffet At Nizamuddin Dargah In Delhi

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Enjoy A Traditional Ramzan Buffet At Nizamuddin Dargah In Delhi

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The Nizamuddin Dargah is all prepped up to celebrate the holy month of Ramzan along with which comes the traditional Ramzan feast in Delhi.

What Is It?

The courtyard of Nizamuddin Dargah shimmers with hundreds of plates lined up next to each other on a carpet containing mouth-watering delicacies to break the fast. The holy month of Ramzan, the Islamic season of fasting is celebrated by Muslims worldwide followed by an Iftari meal where they break their fast.

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During which, the Nizamuddin Dargah gets all prepped up for the evening meal.

What’s In It?

Each portion of the meal includes fruits such as melons, papaya, a few pakodis, jalebis and samosa. These portions are served in the courtyard outside the mosque where people sit down in rows to pray and break the fast. To witness the sight of hundreds of people coming together in the name of religion and breaking their fast, a lot of locals and travellers from across the world come to the shrine and capture the moment.

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Just at the sound of the siren for Iftar, people break the fast and begin their meal and eat in silent prayers.


Where: Boali Gate Rd, Opp The Lodhi, New Delhi, Delhi 110013
Phone: 098117 78607

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