Escape To One Of The Remotest Location Of Snow & Adventures With White Desert Antarctica

by Tejashee Kashyap
Escape To One Of The Remotest Location Of Snow & Adventures With White Desert Antarctica

Antarctica is one of the most striking and remote places on the planet. It is a vast expanse of snow and ice, with no trees or plants to break up the white monotony. The landscape is stark and awe-inspiring, with towering peaks and endless expanses of snow and ice.  Now you can experience this beautiful land through high-end luxury experiences by White Desert Antarctica.

Getting To White Desert Antarctica

White Desert Antarctica provides high-end luxury experiences in Queen Maud Land, an area of the Antarctic claimed by Norway. Two former polar explorers had started this experience. From Cape Town, South Africa, guests arrive in private jets to heated tents or space-inspired Sky Pods decked out in luxury furnishings and faux-fur throws.

White Desert Antarctica has launched initiatives to promote educational and scientific research in the region. They have partnered with a number of organizations to provide opportunities for students and researchers to visit the White Desert and study its unique ecosystem.

Out In Antarctica

During their stay on the world’s most remote continent, visitors spend their time hiking,  ice-climbing, and getting up close and personal with the local fauna at an emperor penguin colony.  These trips can include activities such as wildlife watching, photography, and cultural experiences, customised to meet the specific interests and preferences of each guest.

In today’s time, sustainability makes a major impact. In addition, White Desert Antarctica is committed to promoting sustainable tourism and protecting the fragile ecosystem of Antarctica. They have implemented a number of eco-friendly practices, including using solar power to provide energy to their base camp and using biofuels to power their vehicles.

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Best of all, White Desert’s eco-friendly accommodation is constructed in composite fibreglass. That means they can be easily dismantled during the off-season. This leaves no trace of the surrounding environment.

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Cover image credits: Instagram/White Desert Antarctica