Etihad Airline Employee Slides Into A Passenger’s DM; Checks Her Personal Details In The System

by Deeplata Garde
Etihad Airline Employee Slides Into A Passenger’s DM; Checks Her Personal Details In The System

Do you fear your personal details being looked upon? Well if yes then you need to read this case that was recently reported by an Etihad passenger. A 22-year-old lady who booked her Etihad Flight was texted by an employee on her personal number. She claims that the latter must have gone through her personal details in the system to get her mobile number. This British woman has reported this scenario on social media.

British Woman Gets A Text From Etihad Airways Employee

Hannah Smethurst, 22, of Manchester, had just gotten her paramedic certification and was preparing to catch her home flight when she was sent a “creepy” message from somebody claiming to be an airline employee. Hannah had just returned from a luxurious vacation in Abu Dhabi.
A British lady who recently finished a rigorous training programme to become a fully qualified paramedic alleges an Etihad Airways employee directly messaged her on WhatsApp after looking up her personal information in the airline’s computer database.

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Hannah Published The Screenshot Of The Chat On Twitter

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Hannah shared a screenshot of her discussion with the airline representative. She thinks the man obtained her information by looking at her passport at Abu Dhabi Airport. Then, he was able to gain access to an airline computer database and discover her phone number and other personal details.

The man tries to “slide into Hannah’s DMs,” but as Hannah asks him how he obtained her contact information, he appears to have reconsidered about his activities.

He requests that Hannah block his phone number. Hannah openly contacted Etihad’s Twitter support service after the event on Wednesday but did not hear back. Then Etihad released a statement that a full investigation was carried out regarding this case and the employee was disciplined for his code of conduct.

Such occurrences are alarming for women who are travelling alone. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) passed an extensive data protection law in 2021 with the goal of protecting the privacy of personal data. Both citizens and visitors to the UAE are to be protected by the legislation.

Hope we don’t hear such cases anymore in future!

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