Etihad Rail: Soon Enjoy In-Train Entertainment, Better Ticketing System & More

by Deeplata Garde
Etihad Rail: Soon Enjoy In-Train Entertainment, Better Ticketing System & More

The momentum is growing for the upcoming passenger train by Etihad in UAE. It’s all set to accelerate, facilitate, and improve transit between the emirates by 2030. To integrate cutting-edge technologies into its operations, Etihad Rail has signed partnership agreements with leading worldwide businesses. Every train will have more than 400 seats and travel at speeds of up to 200 kmph.

Better Services For Passengers In Etihad Rail

Four Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) have been signed by the federal rail system of the UAE and SNCF International. SNFC is the national state-owned railroad of France. The agreements address important topics such as cargo transit, railway stations, facilities and services. Railway maintenance and operations are also a part of the agreement.

The MoU with Thales also gives the digitalization of Etihad Rail’s services a lot of attention. The two parties will work together in a variety of areas under the terms of the interconnection and commuter entertainment system, reservation and booking system and much more.

The passenger trains operated by Etihad Rail will offer a wide range of comforts, leisure facilities, and elevated amounts of performance. It will have enhanced air conditioning, entertainment systems, charging ports, food and drink options, and plenty of comforts.

The pair will work together and look at prospects in several sectors of similar interests. The planning, construction, and execution of rail projects in the UAE are some of these sectors. Others include provision and upkeep of railway rolling stock, connectivity and integration services.

Sustainability In UAE Rail Services

The MoUs with Progress Rail also aim to address possible alternatives for the creation and implementation of an automated, zero-emissions port-to-port model. This would lay the groundwork for future rail services around the world. This will assist sustainability in the rail industry.

So now we can expect the best entertainment and ticket booking services from Etihad Rail.

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