Fujairah To Have First Etihad Rail Station

by Deeplata Garde
Fujairah To Have First Etihad Rail Station

Etihad Rail network is a significant step in the UAE’s greatest infrastructure project. The two emirates have now entered a new era of logistical and economic integration. On the east coast of the UAE, Etihad Rail intends to construct its first commuter rail station. According to the Abu Dhabi Media Office, the station would lay its foundation in Fujairah’s Sakamkam neighbourhood, not far from the city centre.

Dubai-Abu Dhabi Etihad Railway Station

The 145-kilometre stretch of the line currently built between Sharjah to Fujairah Port and Ras Al Khaimah was recently inspected by Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed, Chairman of Etihad Rail. Sheikh Theyab viewed significant sites along the program’s course throughout the tour.

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It began in Sharjah’s Al Suyoh neighbourhood and finished in Sakamkam. These do include a stop at Fujairah to see the Al Bithnah bridge and various tunnels that pass the Hajar Mountains, as well as the railway bridge in the Al Suyoh neighbourhood of Sharjah.

Everything You Need To Know About This Rail Route

  1. The UAE Railway Programme aims to build a national network of railways, thus linking the seven emirates.
  2. This Etihad Rail Route can create economic opportunities amounting to AED200 billion.
  3. The project between Dubai and Abu Dhabi will enhance & facilitate the transportation process between industrial and economic centres within The UAE.
  4. The Etihad rail line stretches for 256 kilometres, including 29 bridges, 60 crossings, and 137 drainage channels.
  5. The grey & silver carriages will travel up to 200kph and can accommodate about 400 people.
  6. The overall excavation and backfill effort totalled 46 million cubic metres. It took around 13,300 people contributing over 47 million hours of labour.
  7. The project will complete in accordance with the planned timeframe. The relevant federal and municipal authorities have collaborated to provide the necessary support for this project.
  8. Infrastructure will help the UAE promote sustainable growth. Also, it can maintain its dominance at the national and international levels.
  9. The initiative would boost the UAE’s competitiveness and foster the spirit of cooperation among the emirates

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