Ever Had Stringy Cheese Egg Balls? Egg Junction In Delhi Is Serving This For Just ₹130 Plus 250 Types Of Egg Dishes!

by Vidisha Khaitan

A lot’s been going on this month in India but, one thing we can count on is great food. Delhi never fails on that front. Egg Junction in Karkardooma has over 250 kinds of eggs and they’re all great. From boiled to soup, they have egg recipes we could never imagine. One of their gazillion egg dishes have won our hearts over and it’s your turn now. You know we love to share our food finds. Spreading joy is the sole purpose of our lives. Out of all their options, we had no trouble tying the knot with their Stringy Cheese Balls.

What is it

Crispy and cheesy is our favourite combination. Nothing can keep us away from a good old cheese overload. Clichés are a cliché for a reason, they’re good. Egg Junction took a cliché and gave it the most innovative yet simple turn. Boiled egg whites are filled with stringy cheese where the yolk should be. Then these drops of heaven are fried and served topped with more cheese. Dip it in the flavour of your choice and forget about the world for just ₹130.

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Image Credit: favourite, shashankdhasmana

What’s more

Egg Junction makes the best egg sandwiches perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner starting from ₹90. Egg Schezwan is a fun and spicy twist to street Chinese flavours at ₹140. Apart from this they have regular omelettes, and Spanish and Mysour omelettes too. This little kiosk inside the community centre in Karkardooma has grabbed more attention that any restaurant. We just can’t keep away from this place. Their prices and portions make us very happy. These dishes will warm you up in the winter just as well as mulled wine!

egg junction

Image Credit: arpan goel

Egg Junction has left us stunned and surprised at the diversity this city has to offer. Egg Mughlai is something we have never seen before. Plus, we feel healthy here eating some protein! It’s a great cheat meal because you’re still putting healthy food in your body. Cheese is just a necessity. If you really want to experience Delhi’s food scene, the trip here would be worth it!

Where: G-15, Plot 6, Parmesh Complex, Karkardooma Community Centre, Karkardooma