Every Work From Home Call Ever

by Jinal Inamdar
Every Work From Home Call Ever

With a complete lockdown in play, everyone seems to be doing different things from their homes, including, working from home! Calls, emails, video calls and presentations, everything’s got to be done from a distance. But does every video call go as planned? Here are some common mishaps we’ve come across when we’ve tried to do work video calls while on quarantine.

1. Someone Always Has Weak Wifi

No matter how bang on time everyone joins a call, there’s always weak wifi to play spoilsport. There’s someone who always keeps getting in and out of calls, disturbing the flow and rhythm of the meeting

2. Someone Always Yells Their Way Away 

No matter how many times we reiterate and tell ourselves we’re living in the 21st century with able methods of communicating and staying in touch, there’s always someone who will still yell with the thought of not being heard. Yes! It’s not just our parents but also our colleagues or friends who have been transported from the STD Booth era

3. The Interrupted One 

While working from home has its own benefits, it also comes alongside some cons. Like FAMILY! It’s hard to explain people back home that we’re on work video calls and that they should maintain silence, and also some privacy. But we often have mother’s dropping by to say a hi, or siblings throwing things or yelling in the background. Yes. One big happy family, boss included!

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4. Being Professional Or Being Pretentious

When you’re working from home, you tend to be a lot more chilled than you would be at your workplace. There are no restrictions on when you eat, where you sit or what you wear. Also, no restrictions on how you multitask! This Flight Attendant’s Work From Home Video Will Leave You In Splits

So these were some crazy situations that usually take place during every work from home call. So which situation have you been in?