Experience Jungle Camping For Your Next Weekend Getaway In Lonavala

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Experience Jungle Camping For Your Next Weekend Getaway In Lonavala

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Experience a rustic atmosphere and camp amidst nature in Flayan Jungle Camp located in Falyan, Lonavala.

What Is It?

Weekends are much anticipated when they’re planned out and involves a trip to a place full of greenery and amidst nature. Try Jungle Camping in Falyan, Lonavala for your next weekend getaway trip that will be the perfect experience for all urban dwellers residing in Mumbai and Pune.

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What’s In It?

Camping is quite fun when its surrounded by a rustic environment in the middle of the wilderness. Stay at Falyan Jungle Camp and indulge in lots of fun activities like Riverbath, Rifle Shooting, Acoustic Guitar sessions along with a bonfire, rope course and outdoor activities.

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The overnight camping will include snacks, Bbq, dinner, bonfire, breakfast and camping tents. The tents will be provided with bedding and blankets, tent sharing is for 2-4 pax.

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The camping is organized by Udaan Outdoors who are a company to fill your days with adventures in the best locations and reconnect with nature without having to take a long vacation from work.


To book your stay click here.

Address: Falyan Jungle Camp, Raigad District Falyan, Lonavala 410205
Cost: ₹1700 (Approx.)


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