Experience Magical Sunsets Over Jonha Waterfalls In Ranchi, Lying 722 Steps Downhill

by Shreya Ghosh
Experience Magical Sunsets Over Jonha Waterfalls In Ranchi, Lying 722 Steps Downhill

A trip to a waterfall is always a surreal experience. Surrounded by verdant greenery, a plush environment, and the enchanting beauty of waterfalls, it seems like standing with a backdrop of the most majestic landscape. Jharkhand is a paradise for tourists who love to explore greenery. And Ranchi is home to some of India’s most stunning waterfalls and Jonha waterfalls is a must-visit for every nature lover.

Exploring Jonha Waterfalls In Ranchi Needs To Be On Evey Nature Enthusiast’s Itinerary

Jonha Waterfalls
Photo credit- Wikimedia Commons

Nestled almost 40 km from Ranchi, travelling to Jonha Waterfalls is a magical experience of a lifetime. Witnessing the canopy of nature surrounding the falls is a treat to the eyes. Falling from a height of about 45 metres, Jonha waterfalls is the amalgamation of River Ganga and River Raru.

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How Can You Reach Here?

Reaching Ranchi’s Jonha waterfalls is an exciting adventure. If you are planning to take a trip here soon, you are in for a great experience. To enjoy the waterfall and its beauty, get ready to walk over 722 steps downhill. It can be a bit tiring for many but the views are absolutely worth it. Sunsets are always a great time to be here as you get to enjoy magical sunsets covering the sky in the prettiest colours.

Also, Jonha waterfalls is accessible by both road trips and railway journeys. If you are thinking to embark on a road trip, you need to drive on the Ranchi-Purulia road. Following a road journey on this road for about 30 km, you need to take the main road and travel for around 5 km.

If you are travelling to Jonha Falls by train, it is only 1.5 km from Ranchi.

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Do you know that this waterfall is also popular as Gautamdhara Falls? It is believed that a Buddhist shrine is nestled quite close to this place and hence the name. In fact, you can even visit the shrine during your trip to this Ranchi waterfall.

Now that you know all about this beautiful destination, when are you planning to be here? This is surely an amazing idea for a last-minute getaway.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons