6 Stunning Waterfalls In Gujarat That Can Leave You Mesmerised

by Vinita Jain
6 Stunning Waterfalls In Gujarat That Can Leave You Mesmerised

Whether it is the historic monuments, the national parks, the pristine charm, the stunning beaches, or the scrumptious food, Gujarat is the perfect destination for any traveller. However, Gujarat also houses various gurgling falls that are nature’s gifts for visitors. In fact along with these gorgeous falls, you can also check out the nearby tourist attraction activities. So, check out these 6 mesmerising Gujarat waterfalls that are worth visiting.

6 Breathtaking Waterfalls In Gujarat

1. Gira Falls

Gujrat Waterfalls
Picture Credit: Gujrat Tourism website

Gira Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in Gujarat. Because of the verdant green surroundings, breathtaking views, handicrafts, and traditional art stalls nestled nearby. It is a 30-meter natural waterfall located near Waghai. It’s the perfect weekend getaway spot you can visit with your friends and family. Take a dip in the falls. However, during monsoon season, avoid it.

Where: Waghai, Gujarat

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2. Girmal Waterfalls

Gujrat Waterfalls
Picture Credit: Gujrat Tourism website

If you’re looking for a tranquil place or want to take a short break from your mundane life, then Girmal waterfall in Gujarat is your abode. Often mistaken for Gira waterfalls, Girmal waterfall is located near Subir, Ahwa. Girmal waterfall is probably one of the tallest waterfalls in Gujarat. Also, some of the most mesmerizing rainbows can be spotted here. Isn’t it fascinating?

Where: Girmal, Gujarat

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3. Chimer Falls

Gujrat Waterfalls
Pexels (Representational Image)

Set against the backdrop of dense, tree-filled forests and beautiful hilly areas, Chimer Falls is a sight to behold. This hidden gem is Gujarat’s best-kept secret. It ensures tourists have a peaceful, calm, and quiet time around the falls. Do, note beforehand that Chimer falls include a short hike through the forest. But trust us, the ravishing scenery will make up for it.

Where: Chimer, Gujarat.

4. Barda Waterfall

Gajrat falls
Pexels (Representational image)

Adventure junkies! Barda Falls should be the next place on your bucket list. Embark on an enjoyable 30-minute hiking experience across green forests to reach the gorgeous waterfalls. Remember to pack essentials like food and plenty of water as there may not be any stalls nearby.

Where: Chankhal, Gujarat

5. Ninai Waterfalls

Gujrat waterfalls
Picture Credit: Gujrat Tourism website

Ninai Waterfalls is located in the Dediapada forest area. There are spectacular cascades and the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary offers a lush environment with a diverse ecosystem. You can also spot various animals including soft-shelled turtles, leopards, etc.

Where: Mohbi, Gujarat

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6. Hathni Mata Waterfall

Gujrat Waterfalls
Picture Credit: Wikimedia commons

Hathni Mata Waterfall is another enchanting waterfall in Gujarat. It falls from a height of 100 meters and is adorned with lush flora and fauna. Due to the impenetrable trees, the waterfall is a hidden gem in Gujarat. You can reach this waterfall from Vadodara easily as it’s just 80 kilometres away.

Where: 80kms from Vadodara, Gujarat

So, all the travel buffs out there,  the next time you visit Gujarat, do check out these tranquil, pleasant, and gorgeous cascading falls.

Cover image courtesy: Pexels