Naga Chaitanya Recommends Exploring This Hidden Forest Near Hyderabad With Waterfalls

by Suchismita Pal
Naga Chaitanya Recommends Exploring This Hidden Forest Near Hyderabad With Waterfalls

In a Sunday Brunch interview with Curly Tales, actor Naga Chaitanya revealed his love for wildlife sanctuaries. The actor said that he had embarked on a road trip from Hyderabad to the famous Tadoba Tiger Reserve in Nagpur. He also told us about Tipeshwar, a hidden gem near Hyderabad that can be a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. Located around 5 hours away from Hyderabad, Tipeshwar can spellbind nature lovers with its awe-inspiring flora and fauna. It lies in the Yavatmal district on the Telangana-Maharashtra border.

Go On Tiger Spotting At Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Tipeshwar Tiger Sanctuary isn’t known to many and is thus bereft of thick crowds. The dense jungles at Tipeshwar are home to majestic tigers, blue bulls, wild boars and hyenas, among other creatures. It is an ideal place for birdwatchers too. From bee-eaters, cormorants and strikes to egrets, Indian rollers and white-eyed buzzards, a plethora of gorgeous birds can be spotted here. A property named Foxtail Eco Retreat offers luxury accommodation close to nature at the edge of the sanctuary. You can go on thrilling safaris through the jungles from here. And chances of tiger spotting are high at Tipeshwar. So, you better keep your binoculars ready.

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Trek To Secret Waterfalls

The wild stretches around Tipeshwar are home to many secret waterfalls, some of which do not bear a name, yet are strikingly gorgeous. A spectacular waterfall is located at Adilabad. It takes an hour to trek through forest trails and cross a stream to get to the waterfall. Beneath this waterfall, lies a natural pool. The waterfall lies deep within the forest and the air is remarkably clean here. At this place, you can heal your soul with the aroma of nature and the loudest chirrups of birds.


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So, choose the wild route and return with a bag full of wonderful memories!