Explore The 8th Century Submerged Temple & Find Luxury In Shikar Tents At Pangarh Lake Retreat

by Mallika Khurana
Explore The 8th Century Submerged Temple & Find Luxury In Shikar Tents At Pangarh Lake Retreat

In the heartland of Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, a hidden gem awaits—a place where history whispers through the rustling leaves and where the waters of Pangarh Lake cradle tales of centuries past. Welcome to Pangarh Lake Retreat, a sanctuary where time itself seems to pause, inviting you to immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of ancient heritage and unbridled serenity.

Adventures Await At Pangarh Lake Retreat

As the sun paints the morning sky, casting its first light upon the Vindhyachal Ranges, the retreat awakens. With a promise of unmatched tranquillity and a hint of history embedded in each stone, Pangarh Lake Retreat beckons visitors. Tales from the 8th century, when the Mouraya Dynasty established its foundation, reverberate throughout this place, connecting deeply with its spirit. Over time, it exchanged hands, finding itself under the noble Bijaipur family during the 16th century.

Ten resplendent Shikar Tents, a homage to opulent luxury, stand amidst the serene valleys. They invite guests to step into a world where time dances at its own pace. Each canvas sanctuary is more than a mere abode; it’s an ode to tranquillity.

But what truly captivates the soul is the mystique veiled beneath the glistening waters of Pangarh Lake. Legend speaks of an ancient temple submerged beneath its surface, a testament to devotion that keeps the waters perennial. Even today, the Bijaipur family venerates this sunken shrine, a legacy that echoes through the ages.

Embark On Trails Of Serenity And Adventure 

Here, many amazing experiences are waiting for you. Take a horse safari or Jeep safari and follow the forgotten paths of history to fully immerse yourself in the stories of the area. Take a hike along wild trails, go bird-watching to see amazing birds, or just canoe across serene waters. As the day wanes, gather around the crackling Camp Fire for a barbecue, sharing stories under the ancient mango trees that stand witness to time itself.

The retreat is a symphony of modern comfort entwined with heritage. The impeccable amenities here cater to every need. You will feel entertained with the multi-channel LCD TVs and secure with round-the-clock security and safety deposit locks. Enjoy delectable dishes at the Multi-Cuisine Restaurant, where you can taste flavours that capture Rajasthan’s vibrant tapestry.

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Get Ready For High Tea & Themed Dinners

There is a call to exploration just beyond the luxury walls. Take village safaris, go on photography expeditions to capture moments, or just relax and enjoy a high tea in the middle of the wild. A trip through the Pangarh Fort ruins or a visit to the temples perched on the hilltop will reveal hints of the past to those who are curious.

Pangarh Lake Retreat is more than just a place to stay; it is an experience that will immerse you in a timeless tale, reunite you with history, and provide a haven for your soul. Enjoy the warmth of an evening as the day comes to an end, where the sounds of the village melt into a quiet symphony, the white flag of an ancient temple waves in a plea for peace, and the heart finds comfort in the remnants of a bygone era.

Where: Near Hotel Castle, Near Head Post Office, Bijaipur, Pangarh, Chittorgarh. Rajasthan
Check-in time: 12 pm
Cost: starting at ₹4359/night

Cover Image Courtesy: Chobs/Website

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