Explore The Ruins Of Hampi On a Cycle

by Akriti Seth
Explore The Ruins Of Hampi On a Cycle

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Cycling in Hampi is unobjectionably the best way to explore the city. Here are some highlights of the things you MUST DO in Hampi.

Where is it?

Hampi, Karnataka is every traveler’s dream destination in India. Situated between the banks of river Tungabhadra and ruins of the city Vijayanagara, it is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the largest and most widespread archaeological sites in the country. Excavations are still going on and the remains are found and studied every day.

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Picture Credits: Dey.sandip

What’s in it?

One of the really fun ways to explore the city is doing it by peddling your way through these ancient rocks on your bi-cycle. The city features one of the prettiest architectural domains ranging from some very famous temples like Virupaksha temple, Vittala temple, Badavilinga to civil buildings like aqueducts & canals, Zanana enclosure, Lotus Mahal and also elephant stables. As you witness these remains of the old dynasty you will see the glamour and glory behind these grand structures.

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Picture Credits: Apadegal

Entering the city you will find various shops renting cycles for as cheap as 500 bucks a day. The best part about cycling through the city is that you get to see all the scenic beauty which cannot be done by any other mode of travel. It also tickles the adventure nerve of your bone because ride through the city is totally picturesque. Don’t forget to carry your cameras and take awesome candids throughout the way. You can also watch the sunset at Hemakuta. It is a gorgeous rock structure on a hillock with astounding symmetry and beauty.

Vittala temple is one of the biggest structures in Hampi. You will come across many tour guides in front of these famous monuments, and you should definitely know the rich cultural history behind these gorgeous rocky structures. Apart from this you will also find paddy fields all around, making the view double digit exponential beautiful. Going further ahead from the town of Kamalpura, there is alsoHampi University which is perhaps the best state university in Karnataka. This Vijaynagara Empire has also given birth to the golden age of literature in Southern India where writers produced a lot of work related to the Indian culture, music, art, dance, poetry, medicine etc

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Picture Credits: Chirag88999

Hampi is undoubtedly the best weekend getaway place for all the bangalorians. For rest of the country, plan a weeklong trip to this alluring city for a crazy experience. FYI! Goa is also couple of hours away from here.


Best time to visit: October to February

How to reach: Form Mumbai & Bengaluru; Various sleeper/non-sleeper, AC / non AC buses travel through this route every day.

Rent of cycle: Rs.500 per day


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