Exploring His Gully, We Joined Ashish Vidyarthi At His Favourite Food Joints In Malad!

by Mallika Khurana
Exploring His Gully, We Joined Ashish Vidyarthi At His Favourite Food Joints In Malad!

Most people have skills they are really good at, but then there are some who have innumerable talents. Our guest for today’s episode of Tere Gully Mein is one of those people who is filled with diverse talents. An actor by profession who has starred in more than 300 movies in 11 languages, Ashish Vidyarthi is versatile, to say the least. One of the very few actors who have been able to make a mark as an antagonist, he is a foodie at heart, and we can’t wait to explore his favourite food joints in Malad.

Ashish Vidyarthi Is A Typical Foodie

When we are in the company of a die-hard foodie, it is bound to be all about yummy, yummy food. He immediately revealed that he loves momos and took us to his favourite place to have some. While on our way to Sernyaa, he gave us some insight into his life in Mumbai.

Originally from Delhi, he moved to Mumbai in the year 2000 and found the place really exciting. Now that we were finally at Sernyaa, it was time to have some juicy chicken momos. They smelled amazing and tasted even better. If you are in Mumbai, this is a place you should definitely check out.

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The Food Trail Continued With Delicious Rolls And More!

Ashish Vidyarthi
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It was only the start of this amazing food trail with Ashish Vidyarthi. Next, we were on our way to Kusum Rolls, and he shared a bit about his artistic background on the way. Even with a mother who was a Kathak guru and a father who was in the Sangeet Natak Akademi, he believes that his entry into the movies was completely by chance.

We were finally at Kusum Rolls, originally from Park Street, Kolkata. Ashish Vidyarthi’s excitement for these rolls was palpable and we couldn’t wait to have them either. Like a true foodie, he explained everything to us about this place and the amazing rolls they offer. Right from the first bite, we fell for these rolls and finished them really quickly. 

Our next stop for lip-smacking food was Red Turtle, a Pan-Asian restaurant. We had crispy chicken open baos, and they really stood true to their name. A lot of food and fun followed, and you need to watch it all.

The episode ended with him talking about his upcoming projects and, of course, finishing off the food. To know all that he shared, catch the full video!

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