Expo 2020 Dubai To Reopen As A 15-Minute Smart City With Shops, Offices & More!

by Deeplata Garde
Expo 2020 Dubai To Reopen As A 15-Minute Smart City With Shops, Offices & More!

The site of Dubai’s biggest fair, Expo 2020 is converting into a residential city. Yes, the sources have confirmed the news. And you can access it by cycles is what we understand. You can complete the whole route in the 15-minutes top. Thinking too much effort to ride around? Don’t worry luxury would be available and added once the project streams near completion.

Project District 2020

People can enjoy travelling to District 2020. It will be the country’s first 15-minute city. Expo 2020 Dubai will close in 56 days. UAE now is planning to strategise most of it. Soon the UAE will invest $8 billion to transform the Expo site into a residential and commercial neighbourhood.

What Does This Residential City Comprise Of?

A distinct self-driving car route, a 10-kilometre cycling track, linked, broad sidewalks, and a 5-kilometre running track will all be available at the site. Electric cars provision will be available near completion of the city plan. Approximately 80% of the structures might survive in some form.

On the legacy site, the UK has previously said that it will build a hydrogen research centre alongside the UAE. Also, the Italian government has announced that a “renaissance” heritage program will implement at the site. It’s required to conserve archaeological artefacts and art retrieved from conflict zones.

Why Cycle Route Though?

Dubai Government is very well focused on citizens health and welfare. It has always promoted health from some or other processes. Similarly, District 2020 would promote an active and balanced lifestyle, health and well-being will be a major focus. The Expo concept came in process with the goal of being a thriving multi-purpose attraction and a base for a varied population in the future.

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