Extracted Once A Year, Here’s Why World’s Most Expensive Honey Costs ₹9 Lakh Per Kg

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Extracted Once A Year, Here’s Why World’s Most Expensive Honey Costs ₹9 Lakh Per Kg

We all know how healthy and beneficial honey is to our health. It is one of the most widely used natural sweeteners across the globe. You will find it in almost every single household in the world. People who have shopped for honey know that its variety, quality, place of origin, and many other facts determine its price. But did you know about the world’s most expensive honey?

World’s Most Expensive Honey Costs ₹9 Lakh Per Kg

The world’s most expensive honey is known as ‘Elvish Honey’. This exceptional honey costs a whopping ₹9 lakh per kilogram. The honey originates from Turkey’s Black Sea region. 

This honey is known to be one of the purest in the world. The speciality or factor that differentiates it from other honey is its taste and, of course, purity. 

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet that was posted by @HowThingsWork_. The video showed a man trying to extract honey with bees covering him completely. After facing all the challenges, the man successfully extracts honey from the comb.

This video not only featured the man who struggled to collect honey but also the reason why a certain variety of honey is so expensive. 

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Elvish Honey Goes Under Quality Checks

The video posted on Twitter has by far garnered over 11 million views and over 87K likes on the internet. It amazed all the viewers, as the task is not at all as simple as it looks. The man was completely covered with bees in safety gear. The bee stings do not stop him from doing his task. 

The video is viral on the internet, and that is not at all a surprise because of what it features. In reality, the company that makes “Elvish Honey” goes to tremendous lengths to improve the quality of this honey, making it in a woodland cave remote from crowded cities. Prior to release onto the market, the Turkish Food Institute assesses the honey’s quality to make sure it meets exacting requirements.

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