Feel The Buzz With Vodka Pani Puri At Mumbai Vibe In Khar

by Akriti Seth
Feel The Buzz With Vodka Pani Puri At Mumbai Vibe In Khar

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Feel the buzz with this cross between vodka shots and pani puri. Here instead of Spicy pani, there is vodka in shot glasses. Sound fun?

What Is It?

My evening cravings are usually satiated by Golgappas or what people call pani-puri, puchka, paani patashe and so on. Loved by people of all age-groups from 2 to 80. This is basically a crisp puri filled with boiled potato and other condiments along with some fresh minty spicy water (without alcohol *winks*). 

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People have been experimenting with these little spice water balls ever since. Teekha, Meetha, Heeng, Garlic, Ginger, Pudina and what not. Being the drinking specialist that I am, I heard about Vodka Pani Puri at Mumbai Vibe in Khar and decided to try it out. Check out the #InAMinute video to know more about it.

Served in a small cart (Thela) are 6 shot glasses filled with Vodka and above them is the puri with potato and chick pea filling and also Meethi chutney. You eat the puri, take the shot and well, feel the heat of vodka go down your throat and up your head.

This is the best for a pre-drinking session on a weekend. Isn’t it?

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What Else?

Also for teetotallers, they have 3 different non-alcoholic kinds of pani: Teekha, Meetha and Hing


Where: Ganga Jamuna Block, 14th Road, Linking Road, Bandra West
When: 10:30 AM to 1 AM
How Much: Pani Puri Shots – ₹225 (not inclusive of Vodka shots)
Price of vodka shots: ₹185 onwards each

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