Finland Is The First Nation Globally To Test Digital Travel Documents

Digital Travel Documents
by Shreya Ghosh

Finland is now the first and only country in the entire world to introduce the rule to test digital travel documents. The Finnish Border Guard made the grand announcement of this new beginning recently and this procedure is coming into action on 28 August 2023. Now Finns can start availing of this new process while flying to and from some specific destinations. To know all about this test of these documents, read on.

Finns Can Now Test Digital Travel Documents While Travelling With Finnair

Digital Travel Documents

Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

The Finnish Border Guard is now inviting passengers to Finnair Airline’s Great Britain flights and test the digital travel documents. Finns travelling with Finnair to reach Edinburgh, London, and Manchester are allowed to test their digital travel documents at the border check at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, according to a report by With this new rule, the passengers on the specified routes can pass the border control conveniently and in a short time as well. The best part is that they do not need to wait in the long queue, according to the statement by the Finnish Border Guard.

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Passengers travelling with digital travel documents can now simply finish all the steps faster than usual. To avail of this procedure, passengers can register themselves and become voluntary users of these documents. After finishing the registration process, flyers can use their documents and travel to and from Helsinki Airport.

These Can Only Be Tested At Helsinki Airport

Digital Travel Documents

Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

The rule comes into action on Monday and it states that people can use the procedure and enjoy the journey with ease only at the Helsinki Airport. Passengers who are registering and becoming voluntary users of a digital travel document can test it till February 2024.

As mentioned earlier, Finns are now the first in the world to test digital travel documents. This document is known as Digital Travel Credentials. Passengers usually use passports to fly across borders. But now the applicable flyers can do the same carrying Digital Travel Credentials. These are just like any other passports but in a digital version. It does not compromise users’ safety as well.

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This is an incredible beginning in the aviation industry.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons