5 Fire Foods In India To Fuel Up The Hunger Of An Adventurous Soul

Fire Foods
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 367

A steaming sizzler with thick smoke oozing out of it is a treat to the eyes of every die-hard foodie. Why does the dish look so enticing? Is it just because of the smoke? Definitely not. Warm dishes are comforting to the taste buds and the smoke implies that the food is super delectable. Be it rice, roti, curries, tea, coffee or even cupcakes, we love our most of our everyday dishes to be served hot. Having said that, are you gutsy enough to gulp down a food item that’s directly lit on fire? If yes, we have found the best food options for y’all. So, which are the best food items that are served with fire? Here are 5 options:

1. Fire Paan

Fire paan is a hit among paan lovers and is available in various food stalls all over India. In Delhi, Connought Place is famous for trying out fire paan. When in Bangalore, you can try out the fiery leaf at Hello Paanwala Koramangala or Paan Studio.

2. Fire Pani Puri

We love the tangy pinch of pani puri on our tongues. But then imagine, that your crunchy pani puri is served your flames over it. It can make the snack all the more exciting. You can try out the pani puri in Ahmedabad and also Chaska Chaat in Indore.

3. Fire Handi Dosa

This dosa is served on a handi and is lit on fire. Ayyer Ji Dosa of Delhi’s Geeta colony serves this unique dosa loaded with veggies, cheese, butter and more. And the fire makes the crispy crepe crispier for sure.


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5. Fire Shot

Want to take your booze session to another level? Ask the bartender to prep up a fire shot for you. It is perfect for setting the happening mood to dance your time away in full swing.

Which among these amazeballs have you already tried?


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