This Ahmedabad Eatery Serves Pani Puri Lit On Fire & Netizens Are Amused

by Suchismita Pal
This Ahmedabad Eatery Serves Pani Puri Lit On Fire & Netizens Are Amused

Fire paan is much in the trend now, but have you come across a fire pani puri yet? While imagining the snack might be scary, an Ahmedabad food vlogger actually went ahead and tried it. An Ahmedabad food vendor makes this special pani puri which got the internet confused. The vendor first sprinkles sev over the pani puri and then fires it up. Then he puts the pani puri in flames inside the vlogger’s mouth.

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The Video Grabbled Over 20.2K Likes

Food vlogger Krupali Patel shared the video on her Instagram handle ‘foodiekru’. Along with the video, she wrote, “Okay bye …Fire Panipuri… In Ahmedabad.” Going insanely viral, the video has grabbed over 20.2K likes and 68 comments. The utterly unique concept drew the eye of everyone but it got mixed reactions from the internet. While some people showed interest in the location of the food joint, others were angered by the fusion. This 14-Year-Old From Ahmedabad Sells Kachoris After School To Support Family

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The Pani Puri Is Served In Nagpur Too!

Commenting on the video, one user wrote, “Was that a piece of camphor on puri?”. Another commented, “Burnt black sev, looks awful.” Ab golgappe k saath bhi”. One user expressed concern asking the vlogger,  “Are you ok?” Krupali replied, “Ya I’m…it looks scary but wasn’t actually.” Also, this fire pani puri is available in Nagpur too, in Gajanan Nagar, Nandanvan Road.

This is not the only flaming dish available in India. Indore Has A Unique Street Style Fire Dosa That Is Too Hot To Handle. Also, have you also tried any fiery grub like these? If yes, let us know ASAP in the comments section below!