This Ahmedabad Eatery Serves A Unique Chocolate Paan Brownie & The Internet Is Confused

chocolate paan brownie
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 953

Sizzling brownie is a dessert that’s dramatic and drool-worthy! A fine end to the meal, the aroma captures the attention of guests, and a bite of hot brownie, topped with sinfully good chocolate sauce, is a perfect way to cheat on your diet. Well, in the day and age of food trends, even the good ol’ sizzling brownie is not left alone. An Ahmedabad eatery has created a unique Chocolate Paan Brownie, leaving the internet confused. Read on to know more.

This Sizzling Brownie Has Paan Ice Cream & Maghai Paan Topping

A video shared by a Twitterati who goes by the account @Dhandhaar shows a chocolate brownie with a paan twist. This dessert is served in an eatery in Carnival Food Park, Ahmedabad. In the video, the vendor places a sizzling plate and tops it with chocolate sauce. Next, a brownie is placed on top and garnished with a scoop of mint-green paan ice cream. And that’s only the beginning. Next, he douses it with more chocolate sauce. Finally, the dessert is complete with a mitha paan placed on top of the ice cream scoop. Well, some experiments only happen in Gujarat. This unusual dessert with a desi mouth freshener twist has left the internet in a shock.

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Chocolate Paan Brownie By Ahmedabad Eatery Leaves Netizens Asking Why

The chocolate paan brownie video has created a storm on Twitter. The video garnered over 152,000 views and many reactions. While one netizen commented, “this is too much”, another one commented that the most disgusting part of the dish is the paan ice cream. A foodie vehemently expressed on Twitter that “Paan is the latest weapon of fusion”. Paan lovers, we’d leave you to try it out and let us know. Meanwhile, have you sampled the fire and ice paan in Bangalore?

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