Gujarat Opens It’s First Airplane Restaurant In An Airbus 320; Offers Delicious Food With View

by Sanjana Shenoy
Gujarat Opens It’s First Airplane Restaurant In An Airbus 320; Offers Delicious Food With View

Have you ever dined in an aircraft themed restaurant? Well, let’s tell you that it’s simply a fascinating experience. From sitting on actual aircraft seats, servers dressed like cabin crew to enjoy a lovely view, there’s a lot to look forward to. There are eight such aircraft restaurants in the world, including three in India. To add to this list, Gujarat has welcomed its first airplane restaurant in  Tarsali bypass in Vadodara.

Highly Aircraft Restaurant In Vadodara Offers A Unique Dining Experience

Mehmood Mukhi, the owner of Highly Aircraft Restaurant witnessed that common people had less opportunity to travel by flights or even sit in an aircraft. This inspired him to open an airplane-themed restaurant in Gujarat. To put his plan to action, he bought an Airbus 320 scrap aircraft costing ₹1.4 crores from a Bengal-based NAG company in Bangalore. Then one by one he brought all the parts to Vadodara and built the aircraft. With a capacity of 102 guests, this restaurant gives people the experience of both eating and dining in a real aircraft.

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Picture Credits: India Today

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Servers Dressed Like Cabin Crew Offer Multi-Cuisines Dishes

Moreover, the restaurant also offers a feeling of plane takeoff and vibration, and that’s a stimulating experience. The servers are dressed like the cabin crew. There’s also continuous flight announcements taking place to alert passengers, similar to the time when a plane takes off. The passengers or guests can gorge on an array of delicious food like Continental, Italian, Thai, Mexican and Chinese cuisines.

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Picture Credits: India Today

With 102 guests devouring snacks together with a lovely view, it’s truly a restaurant you shouldn’t miss out on when in Vadodara. So foodies, the next time you’re in Vadodara, do make sure you visit Highly Aircraft Restaurant for a unique dining experience.