Gorge On India’s First Fire Pani Puri In Nagpur At Chaska Chaat Corner

by Sanjana Shenoy
You might have heard of sweet Chocolate Pani Puri, boozy Beer Pani Puri, flavoursome Butter Chicken Pani Puri or even Gulab Jamun-Rabdi Pani Puri. Well, Nagpur has a special dish, which will give solid takkar to all these Pani Puri dishes. And that’s Fire Pani Puri. You can now gorge on India’s first Fire Pani Puri at Chaska Chaat Corner in Nagpur, Maharashtra. This unique Pani Puri is attracting foodies from not just India but even from London. So you know, these are selling like ‘hot cakes’ in Nagpur.

Picture Credits: Gourmet Musafir

Idea Behind Fire Pani Puri

Chaska Chaat Corner in Nagpur was started 3 years ago by Gaurav Jain. When the entrepreneur first opened his chaat stall, he was rebuked by people for his endeavour. But Gaurav did not admit defeat. He wanted to do something different for foodies across India. So he spent weeks researching and found a video on Youtube about Fire Paan. This made him wonder that if there can be Fire Paan, then why not Fire Pani Puri? He put his heart and soul into trying out recipes and finally invented India’s first Fire Pani Puri. He prepares it and sells it at his stall, Chaska Chaat Corner in Nagpur. And as expected, his culinary invention has taken India by storm. Videos on this unique Pani Puri have gone viral and people flock from all over to grab a bite of this novelty.

Picture Credits: Gourmet Musafir

Fire Pani Puri At Chaska Chaat Corner

When you’ve come all the way to Nagpur to try India’s first Fire Pani Puri, then ofcourse that must be the very first dish that you try here. Prepared with crispy larger than regular puris, the Fire Pani Puri is made with a variety of ingredients. Firstly, spiced aloo filling is stuffed in puris, followed by dahi, spicy chutney and sweet tamarind chutney. Crispy Sev, desiccated coconut and other colourful spices are then added. After this as a cherry on the cake, Gulkand is the final ingredient to be stuffed in the Puris. Right in front of you the Puri, filled with colourful ingredients, is lit on fire. If you’re from Indore then Gorge On Unique Black Fries At Indore’s Aaichi Puran Poli And Paratha House

Picture Credits: Gourmet Musafir

You might feel a bit nervous to eat the Fire Pani Puri, as you might be worried about burning your tongue. But don’t worry, Gaurav Jani will make you feel comfortable, coax you to open your mouth wide and put that Fire Pani Puri in your mouth. You will feel a burst of flavours in your mouth. The heat of the fire, coolness of curd, spiciness of chutney, sweetness of Gulkand will mesh perfectly, taking you on a culinary ride you will always remember. If you love Pani Puri then here are 7 Types Of Pani Puri Eaters To Watch Out For

What Else?

It’s just been one month since Fire Pani Puri made its entry into plates in Nagpur. But Chaska Chaat Corner has been witnessing long queues ever since then. Bhavesh, an eager customer came all the way from Gujarat just to have a bite of the Fire Pani Puri. He was very impressed with its taste and stated that he has never had such a unique Pani Puri anywhere in India. Dharmendra was the very first customer to taste Fire Pani Puri. On savouring this dish he told the inventor, Gaurav that this would become very famous and attract customers from all over the country. Till date, Dharmendra enjoys free Fire Pani Puri and is very happy to know that he has been proven right.

Picture Credits: Gourmet Musafir

So now that you know, about this increasingly popular dish. You have one more reason to plan a visit to Nagpur. Apart from Fire Pani Puri, you can also have delicious snacks like Dahi Puri, Sev Puri, Papdi Chaat and Five Flavoured Pani Puri. It’s time to not only play with fire but eat it too at Chaska Chaat Corner in Nagpur. So Fire Pani Puri anyone? You can have  Fusion Puchkas And Street Food From Around The World At Kolkata’s Puchkaman

Picture Credits: Gourmet Musafir


Address: Chaska Chaat Corner, Gajanan Square, Reshim Bagh, Nagpur
Timings: 4 pm to 11 pm
Cost: ₹15 for one Fire Pani Puri

If you’re curious about Fire Paan then check out this video below.