Gorge On Unique Black Fries At Indore’s Aaichi Puran Poli And Paratha House

by Sanjana Shenoy
Gorge On Unique Black Fries At Indore’s Aaichi Puran Poli And Paratha House

Every nook and cranny of India has delicious street food to offer. Every nook and cranny of India have inspiring stories to tell. And we found one such hub in Indore which has both. Shweta Vaidya’s Aaichi Puran Poli and Paratha House serves you Maharashtra’s delicacy Puran Poli, Punjab’s pride- buttery rich Parathas and India’s first long black fries coupled with Shweta’s warm smile and resilience.

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How It All Started?

Shweta Vaidya holds a management degree from Mumbai University. She has been a voice and accent trainer with Multi-National Corporations. Her husband has been a businessman. And in spite of having a business degree, she has never been involved in the business until life pushed her out of her comfort zone. In 2015, her husband’s business faced severe losses and within two years their savings took a major hit. That was the time she really wanted to contribute towards helping her family. She had a choice to either open a small eatery or to work in Indore’s top BPO. She chose the former, more difficult route and thanks to this, Indore now has its Puran Poli paradise, Aaichi Puran Poli And Paratha House.

Shweta Vidya’s Struggles

Every business starts small. Sometimes it’s not about fighting the obstacles, it’s all about surviving the toughest of moments with a smile. Shweta opened her food stall, Aaichi Puran Poli And Paratha House with around ₹4000. But the initial 3 months was quite slow, where she could only sell 1 Puran Poli a day. The entrepreneur was dejected and even questioned her decision. But then she read a post which stated ‘Everything Is Difficult In The Beginning. Just Relax And Continue Your Efforts’. This post inspired Shweta to keep working hard no matter what. She started looking at things with a whole new perspective.

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Her customers would mistake Puran Poli, a Maharashtrian sweet dish of stuffed Channa Dal to be a paratha. And some of them would even demand parathas at her stall. The mother two who had never made let alone eaten a paratha in her life decided to take this customer feedback and put it into action. She worked hard to not only invent a unique paratha recipe but even perfect it. That was the Shahi Paratha made of Indori Sev, Potatoes, Paneer, Butter and Cheese. Apart from this she also served delicious stuffed parathas. And in no time Aaichi Puran Poli And Paratha House witnessed profits. Her hard work and determination bore fruit as she sold 5000 Puran Polis and 15,000 Parathas in her first year.

Her Family Her Strength

The success of Shweta’s street food stall is not just her own. In fact, it’s a combined family effort. Shweta credits her businessman husband for supporting her unconditionally be it financially or emotionally. Her elder son has been her pillar of strength, especially when she was suffering from arthritis after the birth of her second child. Her son was just 3 years old then was very empathetic and concerned about his mother. At the age of 5, he learnt to use the gas stove and would even cook and feed his mother when she fell ill. She tout’s him to be God’s child. And we couldn’t agree more. Shweta’s relatives helped her to set up her street food stall even carrying the heavy vessels for her. Her mother-in-law lovingly prepares the Maharashtrian coriander chutney sometimes, which Shweta serves with her parathas. The food at her street food stall reflects the love, warmth and sincere efforts of her loving family.

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Food At Aaichi Puran Poli And Paratha House

Indore’s Aaichi Puran Poli and Paratha House offers different varieties of delicious stuffed parathas, signature Puran Poli and India’s unique long black fries. One of the most loved dishes of her stall is the famous Shahi Paratha. It has a rich filling of mashed spiced potato, paneer, Indori Sev and is topped with cheese. It’s a wholesome meal priced for just ₹100. Shweta’s Marathi upbringing reflects in her delicious Puran Polis prepared with ghee, Channa dal, Mawa Elaichi and other ingredients.  Customers are fascinated by the rich Maharashtrian delicacy or the sweet parathas and they just can’t have enough of it. Did you know Indore’s Kanch Mandir Is Made Entirely Of Glass?

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She also offers a unique culinary delight which is India’s first long black fries. The fries are 30 cm long, black in hue and made of potatoes. They are topped with Peri-Peri Sauce. The best part about these fries is not its length but its crispiness. It’s super crunchy and will make for a great snack to munch on when you Netflix. the food at Aaichi Puran Poli and Paratha House and Shweta Vaidya’s story has made a special place in the heart of Indore. So if you want to grab a bite of unique yet delicious street food dishes and meet the superwoman of Indore herself, then you know where to go.

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Address: 84, Shree Ram Enclave, Near Toll, MR 10 Road, Indore
Timings: 10 am to 10 pm
Cost: ₹150 for two
Contact: +91 7987067701