SJE Panipuri In Indore Gives Away Unlimited Pani Puri For Just Rs 21

by Madhusree Chatragadda
SJE Panipuri In Indore Gives Away Unlimited Pani Puri For Just Rs 21

When it comes to Pani Puri, we all know our love for the little fireballs exceeds our love for our own self also. Just look back at the grand success of Curly Tales Pani Puri Festival, the biggest in Mumbai, and you’ll know what we are talking about. From our favourite Ghatkopar Khao Gali Pani Puri to the super innovative and equally delicious Snickers Pan Puri, there is nothing better we like then to gorge on good old pani puri all the live long day. And now, we can do just that in Indore at SJE Pani Puri. They’re serving UNLIMITED Pani Puri only for Rs 21!

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Unlimited Pani Puri

SJE Pani Puri in Indore is the ONLY one in India to offer Unlimited Pani Puri at a price as low as Rs 21. This means that all you have to do is go up to the counter, ask for the unlimited Pani Puri, shell out Rs 21 and then sit back and watch the pani puri coming! There is truly NO limit. Until you say NO, them pani puris will keep piling up in your plate.

Fore representation only

There are locals who come here every day to test their limits and work on increasing their Pani Puri intake. The outlet also provides space and seating arrangements, unlike your pani puri eating experience which adds to the unlimited pani puri experience as you can simply sit and relax and enjoy as many pani puris as you can in Rs 21.


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The Story Behind The Unlimited Pani Puri   

How did this offer come into being at all? Why unlimited pani puris for such a low price? These are questions anyone would ask once they found out about Indore’s SJE Pani Puri. And so did we because it’s just too good to be true right? Wrong! The owner, Praveen Makode, explains why in an interview with Indore Talk. Catch it here:

Well, Praveen can be rest assured that he has most definitely set himself and his venture apart from any other Pani Puri place in India.

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What’s More?
Although the Unlimited Pani Puri is the most famous here, you can also try the other fun types of Pani Puri for way less. Such as the Pizza Pani Puri, Nutella Shots Pani Puri, Chocolate Pani Puri, Ice Cream Pani Puri etc all under 100 bucks!


SJE will soon expand to about 10 outlets in Indore itself and is open to Franchise negotiations. You can contact the owner directly if interested. Now we all have a big reason to put Indore at the top of our travel list because pani puri ke liye kuch bhi.

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And while you indulge in the unlimited pani puris, here are the 7 types of pani puri eaters you gotta watch out for! Which one are you?

Address: SJE Pani Puri, L-30, Bapat Square, Sukhlia, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001
Contact: 099813 55937
Price: Rs 21