Try The Ice Cream Pani Puri At GoPure Ice Creams, Mira Road

by Anvi Doshi
by Anvi Doshi 2099

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There’s Ice Cream Pani Puri for real and you can find it at GoPure Natural Ice Creams in Mira Road.

What’s In It? 

Just when we’re trying to wrap our heads around molecular gastronomy and Heston Blumenthal, we discover there’s Ice Cream Pani Puri, we shit you not. Folks, if you love gol gappas like monkeys love bananas, these babies are worth a trip.

Credits: GoPure Natural Ice Creams

The folks at GoPure have created *this* version from scratch. Firstly, you have your normal pani puris that are then filled with small amounts of flavored ice cream. These are further doused with whipped cream and for a final flourish, they add colorful sprinkles.

If you fancy mint, they also add a fresh leaf to each of your gol gappas.

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What Else? 

GoPure also offers a wide range of natural fruit ice creams and if you’re into sorbets, they make these topnotch. From Jamun to Falsa and Imli (all Rs 65), they even have masala renditions of these. There’s your basic Belgian Dark Chocolate but they’ve gone a bit further and added a few more variations to this one. From Belgian Almond to Belgian Walnut, you can have your pick (Rs 75 for these).


Address: GoPure Natural Ice Creams, 4, Jangid Arcadia, Jangid Enclave, Near Bairav Residency, Kanakia Road, Beverly Park, Mira Road, Mumbai
Timings: 12 pm – 1:30 am
Cost: Rs 400 for two (approx)
Contact: +91 9920292166

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