Nagpur Chaupati Has Nagpur’s First Automatic Pani Puri Vending Machine

by Sanjana Shenoy
Nagpur Chaupati Has Nagpur’s First Automatic Pani Puri Vending Machine

Pani Puri. The minute you hear these words, you can instantly hear the crackle of crispy puris, feel the textures of spicy aloo, and taste the khatta-meetha pani in your mouth. Yup! It’s a 360-degree sensory experience and just brighten the smiles on the faces of both young and old alike. That’s what Pani Puri is all about. A feeling, an experience and an absolute culinary delight. Well, if you’re from Nagpur and already salivating over Pani Puri, then we have great news for you. Head to Nagpur Chaupati which has Nagpur’s first automatic Pani Puri vending machine. It’s a hygienic, fun and unique concept of serving Pani Puris.

Picture Credits: Gourmet Musafir

Automatic Pani Puri

When you visit Nagpur Chaupati, you first need to pay for your plate of Pani Puri and get a coupon from the billing counter. Take the coupon with you to the food counter, where you will be handed a small plate with 6 Puris filled with Aloo and Boondi. Take the plate of puris with you to the automatic Pani Puri vending machine which has 6 nozzles, so 6 people can have Pani Puri at a time. Depending on your palate, you can choose from sweet, medium or spicy Pani.

Picture Credits: Gourmet Musafir

Once you decide on the Pani of your choice, take a Puri and hold it below the nozzle. The sweet, spicy or medium water will then pour in your Puri thanks to the censors. You can even manually click on a button near the nozzle to fill your Puri with flavoursome Pani. You can even choose from options to mix and match the Pani or even select less or more of it, depending on your tastebuds. With just a click of a button, you can enjoy a lovely plate of Pani Puris that is not only hygienic but automatic and delicious.

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How Did It Start?

The building at Nagpur Chaupati was once an apparel store. And the owner of Nagpur Chaupati is Shamal Anasane, who helped his father in running the apparel store. Shamal Anasane, went to Ahmedabad to purchase a machine for his father’s store. This was the time he first came across the automatic Pani puri vending machine. Shamal was intrigued by it and really wanted to start something similar to this in Nagpur.  The growing food culture of the city and hygienic way of serving Pani Puri really inspired him to start Nagpur Chaupati. And now, Nagpur has its very first automatic Pani Puri vending machine at Shamal’s Nagpur Chaupati.

What To Eat?

For Pani Puri fans, you can gorge on wholesome plates of Pani Puri filled with Aloo and Boondi, topped with sweet, medium or spicy Paani. And if you have a bigger appetite then Nagpur Chaupati also serves dishes like delicious Maggi and buttery Pav Bhaji. They will also be introducing Dosa in the future. So you already have alot to look forward to. When it comes to Pani Puri, we suggest you try the sweet Pani, as it’s customised to suit the tastebuds of residents of Nagpur. It’s not too sweet and perfectly complements the taste of the filling. So the next time you crave for a plate of Pani Puri, why not visit this place and have a whole different experience of delicious, hygienic and automatic Pani Puri?

Picture Credits: Gourmet Musafir


Address: Mehadiya Square, Dhantoli, Near Yeshwant Stadium Nagpur
Timings: 7 am to 11 pm
Cost: ₹20 per plate