First Look Of The To-Be Redeveloped Udaipur Railway Station Is Here & It’s Wonderful!

by Shreya Rathod
First Look Of The To-Be Redeveloped Udaipur Railway Station Is Here & It’s Wonderful!

Udaipur is a famous tourist destination in India’s Rajasthan district. In fact, it is known as the capital of Mewar. In addition to this, the place houses magnificent palaces, first, lakes, gardens and more! Recently, the Udaipur Railway Station redevelopment project was approved by the authorities. And Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shared the first pics of this to-be redeveloped railway station!

PM Modi Shares First Looks Of Udaipur Railway Station!

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Modi was set to lay the foundation stone for Udaipur Railway Station. The project is priced at ₹5000 crores and is said to improve infrastructure and connectivity in the region. In turn, it will boost the region’s socio-economic development. PM Modi has even shared pics of what the railway station would look like after redevelopment. He posted five afterlook images that include the look of a large waiting area and the exterior of Udaipur Railway Station. There is a drone image that shows the new railway station will be huge!

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Project Details: Changes & New Additions

udaipur railway station
Credits: Narendra Modi/ Facebook

According to a Times Of India report, the project will take around 36 months to complete. The renovation work at Udaipur station is moving along quickly, according to Captain Shashi Kiran, chief public relations officer of North Western Railway. The Railways has given a Udaipur construction company the letter of authorization for the project. At the Udaipur train station, construction of the site office, laboratory, and labour camp has already begun.

During the renovation, several amenities and facilities will be installed. This includes parking, separate gates for arrival and departure and a security checking area. In addition to this, a concourse space 72 metres wide with 20 new lifts and 26 new escalators in the main station building will be constructed.

The station’s two-foot overbridges will be linked to the skywalk. The station will also have an unreserved waiting area, an executive waiting area, retail stalls, restrooms, a baggage scanner, coach indicators, and a variety of other contemporary passenger conveniences.

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In addition to renewable energy sources like waste processing and rainwater harvesting, the entire project will incorporate green building technology with elements for reducing energy consumption during construction as well as operation and maintenance.

Cover Image Courtesy: Narendra Modi/ Facebook